Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, and Public Utilities Jone Navakamocea of Fiji

Ratu Jone Navakamocea is a Fijian chief and politician.
Navakamocea was thus one of the few members of the Qarase government to be given a post in the interim government.
FBCL News reports that Local Government Minister Jone Navakamocea said the country's Constitution protects the right to work on any day of the week.
My body and mind shuddered in trepidation when I read the article ‘Serua all for People’s Charter.
Ratu Jone Navakamocea was a former minister in the interim government.
Being the inside man Navakamocea has some knowlegde of what is going on within the walls of the ig.
Please people read closely what Navakamocea is arguing about.
Where was he when we needed his support to stand up against this regime? I know Navakamocea; having worked with him previously.
Navakamocea said the interim Government also supports the new Strategic Roadmap for fire safety and mitigation in Fiji.
Navakamocea said that “ the 2007 Budget is pro-development because most of the expenditure allocations in the budget are directed towards creating opportunities in the rural areas where the majority of the poor and disadvantaged live.
Navakamocea said that those who criticize the budget either do not know the underlying principles and rationale under which it is being formulated and simply they are just ignorant.
Interim Minister for Local Government Ratu Jone Navakamocea is briefed by one of his staff members yesterday.
THE Minister for Public Utilities, Urban Development and Local Government, Jone Navakamocea has revealed that there is a "huge increase" for water in next year's budget.
Mr Navakamocea said the provisional budget was presented during a Cabinet sub-committee meeting.
While Mr Navakamocea said it was not an area that he could really comment on, there was also a substantive increase in the budgetary allocation for roads.
Interim Public Utilities Minister Jone Navakamocea said major water projects in the Suva/Nausori corridor and other parts of the country will continue, however, there is a reduction in the water supply budget from $87.
The call by Minister of State for National Planning Jone Navakamocea came in Fiji's parliament when a motion to introduce legislation covering the poor, handicapped and under-privileged was being rejected.
Coming to the legislation, Navakamocea said that eradicating poverty was a misconception that needed a miracle and that disadvantaged groups - an obvious reference to Indo-Fijians - would continue to exist in varying magnitudes.
Navakamocea says the church's request violates freedoms promised in the Constitution and it is unlikely the interim administration would heed it.
Meanwhile, the former minister Ratu Jone Navakamocea has extended warm welcome to Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi as the new minister.
Mr Navakamocea has told the Fijilive news website that freedom of religion and freedom to work on any day of the week are enshrined in Fijis constitution and will not be changed.
Mr Navakamocea says since the churchs request would violate some of the freedoms enshrined in the constitution, it is unlikely the interim administration would heed such a request.
Mr Navakamocea said that although the tourism sector had a lot potential, it had a high import content and outflows.