Minister for Youth, Sports, and Employment Opportunities Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi of Fiji

Vayeshnoi supported the Military in its public disagreements with the Fijian government throughout 2005.
policies and he would be guided by them even as a Minister.
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says he was forced to resign at the point of a gun.
The Fiji Labour Party Assistant Secretary General Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi had earlier said that as Minister for Local Government he had personally handed over to FICAC officials, files on the former Mayor of Labasa Charan Jeath Singh and the Suva, Ba, Nadi, Lami and Savusavu Municipal Councils following advice by the deputy commissioner George Langman.
But Vayeshnoi says FICAC has not taken any action on overwhelming evidence of corrupt practices against current and former Mayors of other town councils.
Mr Vayeshnoi comes from a farming family at Olosara near Sigatoka.
Mr Vayeshnoi is not about airs and grace.
Mr Vayeshnoi is married to Sunita Devi and they have a son 16 months old Vir Vikash Vayeshnoi whom he calls Chief.
If there is a will, there is a wayLEKH Ram Vayeshnoi is a realist and does not like suppressing his thoughts because, he says you can miss an opportunity when you do that.
Entering politicsMr Vayeshnoi said when growing up, he had a burning desire to lift the standard of living of all people.
Mr Vayeshnoi had a fervent desire to see his community and society do better.
Victory was sweet, Mr Vayeshnoi said and he was "floored"by the trust people had in him.
JAMES PANICHI: But that's not a risk that Energy Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi is prepared to run.
Vayeshnoi said Fiji is obliged under the ILO Constitution to send a tripartite delegation to the annual Conference since it is a member state of the ILO.
Vayeshnoi said he would address a plenary session and highlight the interim Government’s pledge to promote decent working conditions in Fiji through the promulgation of the new Employment Relations Law.
INTERIM Minster of Youth and Sports Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi has assured the Fiji Rugby Union of continued funding from the Interim Government.
Vayeshnoi said the national 15s team's courageous display in France would also be considered when the annual Budget for 2008 will be announced next month.
Interim Local Government Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi said today he would not comment publicly about the issue.
Government plans over media regulation.
SUVA (PMW): Fiji's Assistant Information Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi has singled out two Pacific journalists for their "sterling work" and called for more professional education and training in an address marking World Media Freedom Day.
Vayeshnoi said there was a need for proper training programmes that ensured that journalists had a better understanding on issues that affected Pacific societies.
While speaking to participants during the opening, Mr Vayeshnoi said that the course was an important one as it re-opened the debate on organizational performance management, and came also at a time when we in Fiji were discussing our own position in terms of our corporate, organizational and national performance.
Mr Vayeshnoi had filed two cases against Fiji Times Limited.
It defies logic how Ms Samisoni can in anyway, link CCF to the manner in which the Interim Attorney-General made appointments to the Constituency Boundaries Commission, the manner in which Interim Finance Minister has handled the Fiji Water fiasco, and the manner in which Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi has handled the local municipal government issue.
Mr Vayeshnoi said they represented the views of the FLP in Cabinet and would follow the guidelines set by the party in carrying out our duties and ministerial assignments.
Vayeshnoi said journalists were working long hours without overtime pay.
Vayeshnoi said it was not clear whether the Fiji Journalists Association (FJA) was still actively involved in the welfare of journalists.
Vayeshnoi said FIMA's financial mess was also of concern to the government.
Vayeshnoi said the government was ready to help FIMA find strategic partners and manage the training institute.
Vayeshnoi described the win as an overnight marketing success for Fiji, whose economy has taken a dive since Laisenia Qarase's government was ousted in a military takeover last December.
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi was appointed Youth and Sports Minister, and Ratu Jone was appointed Local Government and Urban Development Minister, said Fijilive, a Suva-based news service.
Sports Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi said he had not received any funding request.
Vayeshnoi was due to meet Fiji Rugby Union chief executive Ratu Timoci Tavanavanua later yesterday to discuss funding issues.