Minister for Transport, Works, and Energy Manu Korovulavula of Fiji

___________In the second chapter of clutching at straws & wishful thinking, the pretend Transport person Manu Korovulavula said he/they have plans to "fix" the infrastructure of roading and water.
Mr Korovulavula said that the Standards for all new household refrigeration appliances comprise two mandatory requirements to be adopted jointly under the Fiji Appliances Energy Standards and Labelling Program: Energy Labelling, and Minimum Energy Performance Standards.
Mr Korovulavula said that the refrigeration standard is the first standard to be adopted under the Fiji Appliance Energy Standards and Labelling Programme.
According to Bula Times, Fijis interim Transport Minister, Manu Korovulavula is concerned with the recent flight delays that have plagued Air Pacific passengers.
Korovulavula said that the establishment of the bio-fuel industry is one of the top priorities of the Interim Administration.
Senator Korovulavula had stated that the motion was brought on a point of principle to reveal less than honest dealings of people in position of power, knowledge and trust.
PAC chairman Ratu Manu Korovulavula says their investigations and work is based on the recommendations of the Auditor-Generals report.
PAC chairman Manu Korovulavula said the Government held large shares and or had provided millions of dollars of financial assistance utilising public funds on these investments, yet receiving no financial return.
In 2005, Korovulavula said only 9 out of 29 (then existing) entities Government invested in paid dividends; and in 2006, 12 out of these 29 entities paid dividends; four entities were inoperative.
Interim Transport Minister Manu Korovulavula said he was unaware of the application.
Mr Korovulavula said the Land Transport Authority appealed against the LTA tribunal ruling last year that the association could represent individual bus companies.
MANU Korovulavula is not a person who keeps his opinions to himself.
Like most interim ministers, Mr Korovulavula is perfectly suited for the job he has been tasked with.
And like many others, Mr Korovulavula has his share of stories to tell about life in Turaki when it was the capital's and Fiji's melting pot.
Growing up in ToorakManu Korovulavula is from the village of Naikorokoro, in the district of Sanima on Kadavu, but he was brought up in Toorak.
Mr Korovulavula said he and his "gang" used to get up to a lot of things in those days, including hanging off the back of a vehicle that used to cart chopped wood from Nubukalou Creek in downtown Suva to laundry shops in Toorak.
Mr Korovulavula said in those days, dogo used to be carted from Nubukalou Creek and there was a Punjabi who usually took the wood for firewood up to the laundries.
Mr Korovulavula said in his haste, the boy accidently stepped on the hive and in a few seconds, his body was covered with bees!"We couldn't see his body, it was black all over because there were bees all over him.
Plans for the LTA Mr Korovulavula has settled into his appointment as Interim Minister for Transport and started putting plans in place that will produce a more efficient industry.
Mr Korovulavula said his faith took him.
Then there was the call to start the LTA and Mr Korovulavula said he was given a directive to establish the body.
Fijis interim minister of Transport Manu Korovulavula said that until today, there was no Air Services Agreement between Fiji and Nauru.
Mr Korovulavula said the agreement was in place to guide the conduct of traffic rights between the two countries and he saluted the officials of the two countries for formulating and finalising the agreement.
INTERIM Transport Minister Manu Korovulavula says the key to a successful bus industry is in the hands of the bus company owners.
Delivering his speech at the Annual General Meeting of the Fiji Bus Operators Association this afternoon Korovulavula said the survival of the Bus industry relies on the Operator’s resilience, proper economic analysis and smart business sense.
Korovulavula said this reckless business management is incurring additional costs and must not be used as a lever to support the application for a bus fare increase.
Korovulavula said the decision to terminate Abraham Simpson’s contract was based on the shortfalls found in the LTA budget and Simpson’s failure to account for them.
Speaking on Radio Legends Hindi language sister station, the partys Manu Korovulavula said the campaign is important because the people must understand the truth about what is happening.
Mr Korovulavula says it is not right for the people to be told only one side of the story when they need to know both.
He says as a former military commander, Ratu Epeli is better able to understand the situation than someone who has never been a soldier like Mr Qarase.
Mr Korovulavula says Ratu Epeli would be able to harmonise the relationship.
The Fiji Times reports Mr Korovulavula has approved a 10 per cent increase to bus fares and a 33 per cent raise in taxi fares.
Australians jailed for two years over illegal entry in Papua.
Addressing the delegation in Tonga, Mr Korovulavula said that given the importance of this new air transport arrangement to Airlines Tonga and to Air Fiji, the Interim Government is sparing no efforts in ensuring that initiatives such as this, receive the maximum support.
Netani Sukanaivalu is Minister for Education, Manu Korovulavula is Minister for Transport and ousted Senator Laufitu Malani is Minister for Women.