Minister for Education Netani Sukanaivalu of Fiji

Lands and Mineral Resources Minister Netani Sukanaivalu is expected to announce a location shortly, with sites in Natasiri mentioned by the Department of Energy.
Netani Sukanaivalu is a Fijian academic, former naval officer, and political leader, who was appointed to the interim Cabinet as Minister for Education on 9 January 2006.
that the sale of islands over the past has been ongoing.
islands that are up for sale on the Internet through real estate agents.
continuing to appeal to overseas buyers and investors on the Internet.
SV is alarmed at the fact Sukanaivalu knew all along it was illegal, but still agrees to join the IG! His situation is very much like the previous post, which attracted many comments and we at SV believe that in agreeing to be part of the IG like Sukanaivalu are guilty as well of treason.
Sukanaivalu said people should realize that if there is an agreement on the Charter then there will be no coups in the country.
Sukanaivalu said there should be little disturbance in the next two days and students should be provided with nutritious meals and quiet time for concentration.
Sukanaivalu said the ministry’s proposed legislation would also monitor overseas institutions that set up operations in the country.
Sukanaivalu said the reform process did not stop there.
A great team! I was of the view that Netani Sukanaivalu was doing an excellent job in the education sector.
18pm INTERIM Education Minister, Netani Sukanaivalu is in Auckland, New Zealand today after he was given special exemption to attend a Pacific Forum meeting for Education Ministers.
Interim Education Minister Netani Sukanaivalu is no stranger to the field.
Mr Sukanaivalu is no a stranger to the civil service, as he worked for the Marine Department between 1971 and 1975.
Mr Sukanaivalu was a technical advisor in the Public Enterprises Unit and then joined the Naval division of the Fiji Military Forces in 1989.
It was during this period that Mr Sukanaivalu was force field liaison officer for the Multi-national Force and Observers.
Apart from working with the military and teaching, Mr Sukanaivalu was the managing director of Horeb Engineering Co.
With all his qualifications, Mr Sukanaivalu is a seasoned seaman, having travelled the Pacific and many other regions of the world as part of his in-service training to acquire the necessary sea-time to qualify for second and first class engineers exam.
Mr Sukanaivalu is a staunch Methodist and warm and loving husband and father and a steward at the Yarawa Methodist Church.
The Interim Education Minister, Netani Sukanaivalu said following the current impasse, the Ministry has decided to also give teacher college students a break.
Sukanaivalu said this percentage has been achieved by working tirelessly with the various landowning units throughout the country.
Interim Education Minister Netani Sukanaivalu said firstly, there was no need for the students to remain in school given that their exams were over.
Mr Sukanaivalu said money was lacking to buy food for these two schools.
Mr Sukanaivalu said he was not aware of any request from RKS for an early school break as requested by QVS and ACS.
Mr Sukanaivalu said as a result of the court's decision and the association's indication that there would be no strike action in Term Three, the contingency plans they had proposed have been withdrawn.
A spokesman for Foreign Minister Winston Peters said Mr Sukanaivalu had been allowed to visit NZ "because we very firmly believe that the regional work of the forum is of greater value to New Zealand than our bilateral sanctions against Fiji.
INTERIM Education Minister Netani Sukanaivalu is discussing with religious leaders the issue of religious teachings in school.
Sukanaivalu says he’s placing emphasis on religious teachings because it can contribute towards keeping students on the straight and narrow path.
Sukanaivalu says the number of students disciplined for smoking and delinquent acts in schools is increasing.
Respecting the rights of those not conforming to any religious belief, Sukanaivalu says they won’t be forced to pray.
Education Minister Netani Sukanaivalu is advising students to make use the holidays for revision and catching up on school work.
Sukanaivalu says the Fiji College of Advanced Education will also be going on a two week break from Monday.
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Mr Sukanaivalu says to fill the gaps, the interm-government is focussing on technical vocational education training, by expanding training facilities beyond the Fiji Institute of Technology in Suva.
Netani Sukanaivalu is Minister for Education, Manu Korovulavula is Minister for Transport and ousted Senator Laufitu Malani is Minister for Women.