Minister for Public Service and Public Sector Reform Poseci Bune of Fiji

Prior to entering politics, Bune was career civil servant who held various senior civil positions including Permanent Secretary to the Public Service Commission before his appointment as Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations.
Bune is known for his outspokenness.
I believe we should go back to having chiefs leading the country because two commoners have led the country and they have taken US backward," Bune said - a reference to Sitiveni Rabuka (Prime Minister 1992-1999 and Laisenia Qarase (Prime Minister since 2000.
Bune has strongly opposed the government's plans to establish a Commission with the power to compensate victims and pardon perpetrators of the 2000 coup.
Bune has strong reservations about the government's promotion of economic growth on the basis of tourism, investment, and construction.
On 28 June 2005, Bune joined his party's eight representatives in the Senate in angrily denying rumours published in a newspaper that a Labour Senator had visited imprisoned Senator Ratu Inoke Takiveikata and promised that a future Labour government would free him if he resigned from the United Fiji Party.
Lalabalavu himself responded two days later with a strongly worded statement in Parliament, declaring that if Bune was truly from Macuata Province, he would not speak against the people who had tried to diffuse an incident that threatened the lives of Macuata people.
Bune was expelled from the FLP on 28 November 2006, the Fiji Times reported.
Under the Fijian constitution, Bune was set to forfeit his Ministerial role and his Parliamentary seat, subject to an appeal.
Poseci Bune is a Fijian politician, who currently (2005) serves as Deputy Leader of the Fiji Labour Party.
According to Fiji Times, a Suva-based newspaper, on Tuesday, at a meeting between Fiji Public Enterprises Minister Poseci Bune and the Venezuelan representative to the United Nations Aura Mahuampi last week, Bune was informed of the willingness of the former to engage with Fiji on the possibility of establishing an oil refinery and to supply low cost oil to Fiji.
Bune said Venezuela had also extended an invitation to him and the Fiji government to visit the country to not only discuss these energy issues but to strengthen the diplomatic relations between the two countries.
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Former deputy Labor leader Poseci Bune is in charge of public service reform.
Interim public sector reform minister Poseci Bune said this would save $F70 million this year.
Mr Bune said the reversion of the CEO posts could also see a substantial reduction in their salaries and their area of responsibilities.
Mr Bune said at the moment there are 23 CEOs, five of which have already been terminated.
Interim Public Service, Public Enterprises and Public Sector Reform Minister Poseci Bune says he has been reassured by the Ministry of Health that they are ready for any possible strike by nurses.
Speaking exclusively to the Department of Information, Mr Bune said he has been reaffirmed by Health Minister Dr Jona Senilagakali that the Ministry would be able to manage all the hospitals in Fiji.
Mr Bune said final year students at the Fiji School of Nursing and other unionised workers who have agreed not to go on strike, may be mobilised to assist at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Nausori and the Lautoka Hospital.
Mr Bune said Fiji is very fortunate to be part of the United Nations and also being part of various international and regional environmental agreements or conventions and their related protocols, which allows US to be part of the global environmental programmes.
Mr Bune said this would set the direction of our thoughts and deeds during this week and hopefully for the rest of the year.
Bune has been keeping a low profile since, but not for long, it seems.
Bune denies any involvement in the formation of a political party by former FLP colleague Krishna Dutt.
Bune is no longer with Labour since his expulsion with other party management board members Krishna Dutt, Atu Emberson Bain, Vijay Singh and Felix Anthony for questioning the partys leadership.
Interim Public Enterprise Minister Poseci Bune said this option would only be considered once all processes to appeal against a High Court decision were exhausted.
Mr Bune said the High Court decision could result in the four per cent pay restoration being staggered.
Mr Bune said reducing the retirement age would have saved the State close to $80-million annually.
But Fiji Public Service Association acting general secretary Nirbhay Singh said Mr Bune was reacting to the court's decision, which stated that he was wrong.
Mr Bune said five remaining posts would be re-advertised because he was not satisfied with the choice of candidates.
Mr Bune said Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama approved his recommendation that five additional permanent secretaries be created for ministries that were considered too large, The Ministry of Tourism and Environment will have a permanent secretary of its own as will the Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs Ministry.
Mr Bune said they would check the positions of deputy secretaries in an effort to redeploy them.
Interim Public Sector Reform Minister Poseci Bune said the decision to divest selected Government Commercial Companies (GCC's) is based principally on the premise that government is not in the 'business of running a business' and such activities are best handled by private entrepreneurs.
Mr Bune said in a statement issued after yesterday's Cabinet meeting.
Interim Public Enterprise Minister Poseci Bune said Ms Vosaniveibuli was officially informed of her termination today.
Mr Bune said Brigadier Naivalurua will act as the transitional board chairman and during his tenure he is expected to appoint a member of senior management from within the company as interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO.
Labour Party as it gears up to fight the next general elections in 2006.
Auditor General to investigate the affairs of the Council.
company involved in the ‘sale’ of the vehicle.
The answer is that they would have plenty to say if what Mr Bune says turns out to be true.
INTERIM Public Service Minister Poseci Bune says he’s been given approval to sack Post Fiji chairperson Fane Vosaniveibuli.
This morning Bune said he has been given the green light to fire Vosaniveibuli and that a new chairman would be appointed before four o’clock this afternoon.
Bune said the new vehicle and the recovery of the money would be up to the new chairperson and the board to decide.
INTERIM Public Service Minister Poseci Bune has moved to end speculation about the diplomatic posting of senior military officers.
Bune says an agreemo which is an application for representation - is only required for Heads of Missions.
On Colonel Pita Driti Bune said he has been nominated as High Commissioner to Malaysia.
Bune said Major Neumi Leweni has been appointed First Secretary and Military attache’ to the Beijing Mission where Sir James Ah Koy will be Ambassador.
Agricultural Minister Poseci Bune says Evian will use water from a deep underground well in a once volcanically active area north of Fijis main island of Viti Levu.
Poseci Waqalevu Bune is a Fijian politician, who has served as Deputy Leader of the Fiji Labour Party (FLP.
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