Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment, and Communications Taito Waradi of Fiji

Interim Commerce Minister Taito Waradi said their main task now was to create investor confidence and rebuild the economy.
Among the strident comments both for and against the proposal, Waradi has taken a moderate stance, supporting the principle of reconciliation, but considering that legislating to establish the commission was not the right way to achieve it.
Rather than proceed with the proposed legislation, Waradi said the government should declare a National Conscience Week as a time for individuals and society as a whole to examine their hearts to ascertain where the nation had gone wrong.
Taito Waradi is the President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
James said President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce Taito Waradi has agreed to be the council's first secretary general.
Fiji's interim Commerce Minister Taito Waradi said there is huge potential for Fiji to export halaal meat products to the Middle East.
Waradi said the mission to South Asia saw Malaysia parties interested in investing in exporting beef and other meat products which are certified halaal to the Middle East.
Halaal meat are meat which is prepared specific to Islamic rites and Waradi said currently majority of halaal meat products into the Middle East comes from Australia.
Waradi said there is also a need for Fiji to improve domestic conditions that need to be functioning properly to facilitate the meat industry before investors arrive in Fiji.
In a statement yesterday, Interim Minister for Communications Taito Waradi said a major initiative was to lower the cost of doing business, particularly the market interest rates.
Waradi said it was essential that Government provided the necessary environment through better infrastructure, improvements in the costs of doing business and a transparent policy framework that provided opportunities for all.
Waradi said his ministry had played a major part in the preparation of Fiji’s ‘National Export Strategy’ which was now being implemented through a budgetary allocation of $2.
Waradi says there are 80 parts to the Act, 79 of which becomes operational immediately.
Waradi said the necessity to promulgate section 1-79 of the bill is now priority as it will engender semblance of transparency, predictability and certainty with regard to fundamental sectoral investment, development, legal and regulatory aspects.
Regarding compensation for the telecommunication operators in exchange for the removal of their exclusive licences, Waradi says that section 80, that deals with the removal of exclusivity would be effected at a later date.
Waradi says the talks will be mediated independently by a World Bank expert and is expected to conclude no later than November 20.
Early this year, Waradi had hinted that the telecommunication industry would be deregulated in the third quarter of this year.
Mr Waradi is optimistic that Fiji could have 5 per cent growth next year which can be improved further.
Waradi said that this is a landmark development that will no doubt transform the lives and welfare of the people of Tailevu north coast and surrounding areas.
Mr Waradi said that despite the fact that the region hosts reputable educational institutions which have produced some of Fiji’s great leaders in the last 100 years, the fact is that it remains economically and digitally starved and disconnected to the outside world.
Taito Waradi is the President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce Industry and was recently appointed Minister for Commerce in the interim Cabinet.
Now Waradi is in cabinet, lets see if he can make a difference.
INTERIM Minister for Commerce Taito Waradi says Fiji’s preferential trade agreements are now expiring and will be replaced by free trade agreements where the fittest will survive.
Waradi said free trade would require our industries to become more competitive, efficient and be able to survive without Government assistance or subsidy and protection in order to compete in the world market.
Citing our sugar industry as an example, Waradi said it was not competitive enough to compete in the world market with countries like Australia, Brazil and Thailand.
Waradi said the current trend towards free trade agreement was with the expiry and erosion of preferential trade agreements must be addressed in an appropriate manner.
On the previous occasion, the chairman Taito Waradi is understood to have acted in the position.
Former interim Commerce Minister Taito Waradi has been retired as a Director and Chairman of the Fiji Development Bank.
A statement from the Prime Ministers office today said Waradi is replaced by John Prasad, a Project Management and Financial Consultant.
Mr Waradi said he had just returned from exploratory trips to Dubai, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia to look at the possibility of doing business with its South-South partners (which are the poor and developing countries.
Mr Waradi said having ventured out to the South-South cooperation stakeholders and looking at countries like India and China to do business with, would be better in the long run.
Mr Waradi said all this while, Fiji was restricting its growth potential by not looking at the South-South cooperation.
Mr Waradi said they had secured private investors who wish to look at the upgrading and maintenance of the wharves in Fiji.
Mr Waradi said Fiji was glad to welcome such investors to do business with, which could be done in the form of joint venture, bill of transfer or outright purchase of the wharves.
Mr Waradi was speaking at the official opening of the Natural Oils factory at the Kalabo tax free zone.
Mr Waradi said he would work to ensure investment incentives were reviewed so that these objectives were met through quality and sustainable long term investment returns to the country.
Mr Waradi said key commodities affected by this trend were sugar and garments, while exports have been decreasing for the past six years and imports continue to increase due largely to increasing world oil prices.
FDB Chairman, Taito Waradi has also confirmed that former CEO Tukana Bovoro has been terminated effective from last Friday.
Waradi said one of the main reason associated with Bovoros dismissal was his irreconcilable differences over management philsophy between his and the FDB Board.
Waradi is also scheduled to meet with his official counterpart in the countries.
Waradi is also Minister responsible for Communication, he met with his Singaporean counterpart’s to discuss the assistance being provided by the Singaporean government to our telecommunications sector.
Interim Commerce Minister Taito Waradi has stated that his immediate objective will be to grow the economy, generate a surplus and foreign reserves savings.
Mr Waradi said that in the past, we had designed investment packages that had encouraged foreign investors and overlooked strengthening incentives for local investors.
On hand to help submit the bid to Interim Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment and Communications Taito Waradi was the Fiji Seven's Rugby icon, Waisale Serevi, and the national team of which Digicel has been a sponsor for the last two years.
Commerce Minister Taito Waradi said that the license granted to Channel Two is the start of opportunities in the TV industry.
Waradi said that companies that missed out in the tender process did not comply with certain tender aspects.
Interim Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment and Communications Taito Waradi is optimistic that Fiji has a bright future despite the current negative political climate.
Taito Waradi is a Fijian businessman who has served as President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
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Here, Waradi says section 80 of the Act deals with the removal of exclusivity and will be implemented at a later date.
Waradi said the FCC supported the proposal to develop medical tourism because although tourist numbers have been high in recent years, that may taper off.