Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Tevita Vuibau of Fiji

Tevita Komaidruka Vuibau was born on the 24 January 1956.
solivakasama Tevite VUIBAUS wife Sala VUIBAU is working illegally as a caregiver in Seattle WASHINGTON.
Oh and his brother Finau Vuibau is also in California illegally and also his wife Laisa (from Nadi)is in Seattle WASHINGTON.
Ratu tevita Vuibau is a clean man.
Vuibau said Westech was currently working on the Tuvatu project with the aim of converting the project into a full operating mine in the near future, thus providing further employment opportunities to the miners.
stopover of several hours in Tonga on their way to Samoa.
INTERIM Mineral Resources Minister Tevita Vuibau has urged members of the public and retailers to take care and be cautious when selling and using firecrackers during Diwali.
Mr Vuibau said Diwali the Festival of Lights could turn into tragedies if fireworks were used carelessly and history has proved this.
Mr Vuibau said it was important that people followed all regulations and guidelines on the use of fireworks during Diwali to avoid unnecessary disturbances and problems.
Mr Vuibau said retailers were reminded of their responsibility in ensuring that the general public was properly issued goods with safety measures appropriately labelled.
Lands Minister Tevita Vuibau says the people of the Pacific region can only share knowledge and skills if they work or learn collectively in organized forums.
Mr Vuibau has told the Fiji Sun newspaper that preliminary talks have begun with two new companies, one from Canada and another from England, which specialize in mining.