Minister of Interior Anne Holmlund of Finland

Holmlund said she had set up three work groups to revise Finlands gun laws.
Finnish Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said police had questioned Saari the day before the attack over a video of himself at a shooting range he had posted on the Internet.
but Holmlund denied the incident was behind the policy shift.
Prime minister of Finland Matti Vanhanen had earlier commented that the shooting would likely cause a change in Finnish gun control policy, but Holmlund denied a direct connection.
Finnish Interior Ministry Anne Holmlund said that the Government Cabinet Committee on European Union Affairs discussed on Friday the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Directive on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons.
look into whether certain types of weapons could be banned altogether.
Some eight Finnish police are already working in Afghanistan as part of the EU Police mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL), because EU has decided to increase the number of its police in Afghanistan from 200 to 400, Finnish Minister of the Interior Anne Holmlund was quoted by Finnish public broadcaster YLE.
Holmlund was not overly concerned about the officers' safety, although security in the region has worsened, YLE added.
Ms Holmlund said that the new twists in the malfeasance investigation placed a burden on the police and that the only way out of the situation was a thorough investigation.
first firearm in August, Holmlund said in the news briefing.
Holmlund said the permit to buy a gun would be raised to 18 years of age, and youths between 15 and 18 could only carry a gun with parental supervision.
Holmlund has also commissioned a review of current legislation.
The discourse in our society needs this kind of activity,â€‌ Holmlund said in an address to parliament after accepting the petition.
We are still recovering from the shock after the tragic events of Jokela and Kauhajoki,â€‌ Holmlund said yesterday , pointing out that witnesses to the massacres and the loved-ones of those who died might “never be free from the nightmarish burden of these event.
Holmlund said she had set up three work groups to revise Finland’s gun laws.
Anne Holmlund says the gunman was detained for questioning on Monday about YouTube postings in which he is seen firing a handgun.
Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said police were alerted to a video the gunman had put on the internet showing him wielding a handgun at a shooting range but were unable to get in touch with him immediately.
Holmlund says police released him because they had no legal reason to keep him detained.
Holmlund says he got the license for the gun in August.
The most important thing is that police are able to have the best possible information on the state of health of the applicant when deciding on the license," Holmlund said Wednesday.
Updated 19:05: Minister of the Interior, Anne Holmlund has confirmed, that victim number is now 11, including the shooter, Matti Saari.
Interior Minister Anne Holmlund said the government was working on a proposal to restrict gun laws by giving police greater powers to examine gun applicants' health records.
Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said Finland's views on gun policy might change after the shooting at Jokela High School, but Holmlund denied the incident was behind the policy shift.
Ms Holmlund said police questioned the man about the YouTube video, which showed him shooting at a firing range.