Minister of Immigration and European Affairs Astrid Thors of Finland

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Finnish minister for EU Affairs Astrid Thors said We are worried about the latest proposal by the Commission and the effects it could have on public access to documents.
Now that the Finnish Islamistic Party is showing its ugly head, that means less votes for Astrid Thors because Astrid Thors is nothing but a gullible western bitch who should burned at the stake in favour of Islam.
Thors said she could in no way understand the persecution of such a peaceful group of practitioners and that everyone must have the right of freedom of belief.
Thors is a Candidate of Law and had several white-collar high-position jobs before being elected into the European Parliament.
Although Finland is able to ratify the Lisbon Treaty without the consent of the Aland parliament, Mrs Thors said that would lead to an "unclear situation.
Parliament as well as a national kansanedustaja.
Thors has never before been a candidate at municipal level.
Thors is the Europe and Migration Minister in Finlands government and has been involved in driving through more immigrant friendly policies.
According to Sfps press release, Thors said that As minister with responsibility for integration policies, I know that it is the municipalities that are decisive if integration policy is to succeed.
Minister Thors was born and grew up in Haga and has lived in both VallgÄrd (Vallila) and Ulrikasborg (Ullanlinna.
YLE: Finland's Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors says she fears the 'True Finns' party might adopt a more xenophobic policy.
In an interview given to the paper Aamulehti, Thors said she saw similarities between the party and other populist groupings in Austria and in the other Nordic countries.
Thors said it was possible to prevent the formation of ghettos in Finland by putting more resources into integration measures.
One wonders if Astrid Thors' immigration policies extends to the shores of that island retreat as well, or is it just the Finnish mainland that's free for societal experimentation? Enter Halla-aho, who states in "Something for Aunt Astrid to Ponder": "Our Immigration and Europe Minister, Astrid Thors says in today's Aamulehti (Tampere newspaper) that she's concerned about the True Finns anti-immigrant stance:Thors: There are individuals in the True Finns' base support group and candidates, who are very negative towards foreigners.
Astrid Thors has announced that she will stand as a Swedish Peoples Party (Sfp) candidate in her hometown, Helsinki, in Octobers municipal election.
Finland has a way to go yet until we can truly make a claim to being a multi-cultural society.
Thors said it is up to the Irish to decide whether there should be another referendum on the treaty.
Thors said that deeper co-operation among European Union member states was crucial for making the Union work more efficiently.
At their talks on Tuesday, Goncz and Thors discussed EU energy and climate policies, as well as the conflict in the Caucasus.
situation in Iraq needs to be carefully monitored.
As reported by Helsingin Sanomat on Tuesday, Thors had bought ten boxes of snus for her friends and acquaintances during a stop-over in Sweden on her way home from Brussels, where she had been on an official journey.
Thors is a Member of Parliament from the Helsinki constituency.
Excerpt From Blog Post:What is the woman thinking? Minster of Immigration and Europe, Astrid Thors has submitted a bill to the Finnish parliament for review and approval, that would greatly relax the tough restrictions in place concerning how the state deals with immigrants who are denied permission to settle in Finland.
Greenfield: 3 Laws of Islam - We are Already Living As Dhimmis.
Minister for Migration Astrid Thors says the changes are not radical.