Governor, Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen of Finland

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Erkki Liikanen has a Masters degree in Political Science (Economics) from the University of Helsinki in 1975.
Liikanen said in an interview that American and European views about the Internet were starting to diverge sharply.
Liikanen said this might prove the catalyst for a boom in e-commerce.
and a pickup in economic growth threaten to drive up inflation.
Liikanen is enthusiastic and trying to make things happen, but his mandate is limited," says Colin Helmer, a diplomat covering e-issues at the US.
The European Commission can initiate European legislation -- but Liikanen is only one of 20 European Commissioners.
Also, Liikanen is a socialist who takes positions on data privacy and e-commerce sales taxes that sometimes infuriate business.
Despite the risks, Liikanen remains optimistic that the huge fees won't slow deployment of the mobile Internet.
Like many Finns, Liikanen is an avid mobile user.
Finns drink a lot of coffee, and Liikanen is a patriotic Finn.
Not surprisingly, the charming Liikanen was a precocious politician, becoming Finland's youngest ever member of parliament at the tender age of 21.
In response, Liikanen has adopted a policy of "tax neutrality.
Liikanen came up with a low-key solution: an online dispute-resolution system.
Now we are following closely economical developments, analysing where the uncertainty leads, Liikanen was quoted as saying in an interview published on Saturday.
Financial institutions should use this time in order to go through their bonds, open up the risks and price them again, Liikanen said in the Finnish language interview.
Enterprise and Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen is in Japan on 20 and 21 June to attend the 2004 annual meeting of the EU-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table.
Commissioner Liikanen meets today in Tokyo Minister Nakagawa (METI) to review industrial policy issues of common interest and explore ways and means to further strengthen EU-Japan regulatory cooperation.
Liikanen said the Commission is making a determined effort to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, to help enterprises meet the new requirements at minimum cost, to encourage research and innovation, and to ensure that European industry remains competitive.
Liikanen is the key figure behind the European Unions efforts to modernize its economy and reposition Europe as a leader in the information technology sector.
Liikanen was a central figure in the development of the action plan aimed at implementing many of its goals.
Europe is now on the right track to rapidly become an e-Europe," Liikanen said during a speech in early February.
One particular line of Mister Liikanen is of interest.
Ii is 6pm, at the end of a wet and unseasonably cold April day in Brussels, but in his large office in the heart of the city's EU quarter, Erkki Liikanen is all smiles.
After all, Liikanen is no newcomer to Brussels.
In 1999, Liikanen took over the IT portfolio as part of the 'house cleaning' overseen by incoming President Romano Prodi.
Since taking on the role of Brussels' Mr Technology two years ago, Liikanen has been quick to make overtures to the tech community in the UK and across Europe to try to dispel notions of a Brussels bureaucracy unable to keep up with the pace of technological change.
Liikanen is on to one of his favourite topics: unbundling the loop.
As for Europe's broader future, Liikanen is cautiously optimistic.
for enterprise and information society.
and Plenipotentiary from Finland to the European Union.
of the Supervisory Board of Televa corporation.
Fund for Research and Development (Sitra.
Swedish, Finnish being his mother tongue.
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European Central Bank Governing Council member Erkki Liikanen said Monday that it is important to keep an open mind when looking at the options for.
but because he has been summoned back home to take over as chairman of his country's central bank.
leading figure in European politics for many years.
Liikanen said there are four main areas of the mobile market currently being examined by the Commission.
from Finland to the European Union.
Finnish National Fund for Research and Development (Sitra.
in economics from the University of Helsinki, Finland.
Liikanen was born on 19 September 1950.
Mr Liikanen has proposed that we reflect on the role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are destined to play when defining a new model for administrations to be able to offer services to citizens.
According to Erkki Liikanen, the European Union’s Enterprise Commissioner, prospects for economic growth in the EU are bright, not just because of solid third-quarter GDP figures but because the imminent entry of ten new member states has rekindled something of the optimism that greeted the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.
Liikanen said the Commission’s newly-adopted procedures for soliciting public comment had improved the proposal, and that the process had reminded many in the EU of the importance of the chemicals industry in Europe.
Evans and EU Commissioner for Enterprise Erkki Liikanen expressed strong support for today's announcement that Douglas N.
which is a fancy word for broadband.
support MHP as an open standard of digital television.
of the Finnish Social Democratic Party at next year's party congress.
Liikanen was showing reporters a Commission project for improving Internet security.