Minister of Defense Jyri Hakamies of Finland

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Moscow should not be over-emphazised.
In remarks to Finnish broadcaster YLE, Hakamies said tension between the major powers was never good but added the announcement by Moscow should not be over-emphazised.
Hakamies is pictured here at the Hotel Nikko, where he stayed.
Hakamies said in an interview with a local TV station that he was in support of NATO membership and that the new Finnish government would discuss the possibility of joining the alliance while it was in office.
Hakamies was offering one in calling Russia out by name.
Defense Minister Jyri Hakamies said that after the border guards investigation, Finnish and Russian officials would meet to discuss how to avoid such violations.
Jyri Hakamies was appointed Defence Minister of Finland in April, and is a member of Finland's Conservative National Coalition Party.
Finnish defence minister Jyri Hakamies says the aircraft are being obtained for the cost of around two new-build advanced jet trainers, but offer a combined remaining service life of 90,000 flight hours: sufficient for 15 years of use.