Minister of Culture and Sport Stefan Wallin of Finland

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Wallin was born in Vaasa and studied at the Åbo Akademi University in Turku, where he graduated with a Master's Degree in Social Sciences.
Wallin was appointed Minister of the Environment and Minister at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs responsible for Nordic Cooperation by President Tarja Halonen on December 29, 2006.
Wallin is the leader of Swedish People’s Party of Finland.
In defense of his proposal Wallin said that the current system in place is, in his words, “unsatisfactory.
Stefan Wallin is the Minister of Culture and Sport in Finland.
And this is exactly what minister Stefan Wallin had in mind.
But in the same article you write to the effect of oh Wallin is Swedish so he must have gender identity issues/gay.
Hmm, Kristian, you do sound quite retro And its not nice to perpetuate Suomalaisuuden Liitto talking points: Stefan Wallin is a Swedish speaking Finn, not a Swede.
But in the same article you write to the effect of “oh Wallin is Swedish so he must have gender identity issues/gay.
Wallin said in HS interview, that He is a radical feminist.
I dont know what you read - if anything - but not being able to understand that Stefan Wallin is a FINN (although swedish-speaking) demonstrates a rather high incomprehension of reading.
I see him more as a Swede than a Finn-Swede.
I agree that it is parents own issue to deside who stays at home and Mr Wallin says only that it is also allowed fathers to do that too.
And, Stefan Wallin is not a Swede.
Its nice to see how you underlined the fact that Wallin is a Finnish-Swede and that social engineering is something that were good at.
Theres something weirdly familiar with that kind of thinking - generalization and racism all in one, how comfortable for you, but I think Wallin was half Finnish and half Swedish.
The minister of culture and sports, Stefan Wallin met FSS on Monday 10.
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Stefan Steffi Wallin was born on 1 June 1967 in Vaasa.
In his student years, Stefan Wallin took part both in student politics and activities of the Svensk Ungdom youth organisation of the Swedish Peoples Party.
After the parliamentary election of 1999, Mr Wallin was an Adviser to Mr Enestam at the Ministry of Defence for more than a year.
In late winter 2005, Mr Wallin was offered a position as State Secretary at the Ministry of the Environment.
In 1995 Mr Wallin married Elina Pirjatanniemi, Doctor of Law.
In his spare time, Mr Wallin is a large-scale consumer of newspapers and magazines and enjoys reading literature.
Mr Wallin takes an interest in challenging cooking and going to the gym and is a fan of English premier league football.
Wallin said he would be satisfied if the Slot Machine Association, RAY (who operates and oversees casino games, slot machines and table games) or the Finnish National Lottery, Veikkaus Oy (Finland's national betting agency for lottery and sports betting, managed by the Finnish Ministry of Education), assumed the responsibility for regulating online poker, reported Newsroom Finland.