Minister of Employment Tarja Cronberg of Finland

Cronberg has been the director of the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute.
Cronberg was born in Helsinki, Finland and currently resides in Polvijärvi.
Cronberg has worked in various positions in both business and education, such as an associate professorship at the Technical University of Denmark, among others.
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About The AuthorTarja CronbergTarja Cronberg is a researcher at COPRI (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute.
About the Author(s)Tarja Cronberg is a researcher at COPRI (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute.
See also ==Robert Cronberg, educator, Columbia College Chicago, and visual artist.
Author BioTarja Cronberg is a researcher at COPRI (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute.
In her speech to the Green delegates, Cronberg took many stabs at the National Coalition Party.
Cronberg expressed wonder at the habit that Finns have of defining their position with reference to the great powers.
Responding to earlier comments by Mauri Pekkarinen, the economic affairs minister, Ms Cronberg said Finland did not need another nuclear power station thanks to improvements in energy efficiency.
Cronberg said that while the Ministry of Labor is still reviewing the mass notice, she felt it was representative of proper legal resignation notices.
Green League party chairwoman Tarja Cronberg says that by joining the "expanded partnership", whose idea has been under development in NATO, Finland could lead bring an end to debate on membership in the alliance.
After a visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels, Cronberg says that the new arrangement would give everyone in Finland everything that they have wanted.
Cronberg was one of the members of a group mainly comprising members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Finnish Parliament, which recently toured NATO headquarters in Brussels.
Cronberg said that no actual proposal has been made; NATO foreign ministers will discuss the matter in late April, after which official contact would be made with countries to whom the arrangement is offered.
Cronberg says that the project would be based on membership.
Cronberg says that she was given the impression that Austria and Ireland would also be offered a chance to join.
Cronberg says that NATO's military security guarantees will soon no longer exist.
Cronberg said that the idea of a tailor-made partnership was powerfully underscored in NATO.
Dont Punish Women for Having Children Finlands Labor Minister Tarja Cronberg said women who have children should not be punished with lower salaries.
Ms Cronberg said new ways to end the fighting should be tried given that the UN had proved unable to stop the violence.
comReview by Tony WolstenholmeTarja Cronberg is the Director of COPRI, the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute.
The flyleaf states that Dr Cronberg is a well-known scholar in “technology sociology”; that had me slightly puzzled – even the combination of two nouns.
The leader of the Greens, Tarja Cronberg was labour minister while the justice ministry would be handled by Tuija Brax.
Finnish Member of Parliament and Chairwoman of the Green Party Tarja Cronberg came to the site.
Speaking after a meeting of the Green parliamentary faction, Ms Cronberg said an interpellation debate was the best way to solve the row.