Minister of Justice Tuija Brax of Finland

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Brax has also served as the Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee in the Finnish Parliament.
Minister Brax said she thinks this would increase the engagement of younger voters in political matters earlier.
Now Brax has addressed the matter of the Sami people in Finland.
However, Minister Brax has proposed that the district for Österbotten with its administration in Vaasa/Vasa maintains a Swedish-speaking majority, encompassing the whole territory of the Österbotten region.
I would be interested in hearing from the Greens in my flist if they think Tuija Brax is doing a good job and is not an embarrasment to her party.
Does the Finnish Parliament have real power? And what about MPs? What does campaigning involve in Finland? Does political equality exist for women in practice? We interviewed Tuija Brax, an MP for Helsinki, and asked her to describe the work of an MP today.
Minister Brax said that while the change in Koivisto's position on the list was challenging with regard to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, the problems were not impossible to solve.
Ms Tuija Brax is EVAs Parliament Fellow in the Finnish Parliament.
Tuija Brax was the only woman chosen for one of the senior cabinet positions; she will head the Justice Ministry.
on this one, Tuija Brax is quite the hypocrite.
Brax is saying the Finnish woman living in Italy can come back home to äidin luokse and tell the local court she wants a divorce because Marcellos macaroni went limp.
Tuija Brax says there is nothing in the history of Upper Lapland that would at present cause the state to give up its land ownership rights.
When Tuija Brax took office as the Finnish Minister of Justice last spring, many began to look forward to a solution in the protracted land ownership dispute in Upper Lapland.
It was generally known that Brax took an interest in the dispute and in human rights policy issues in general.
Minister Brax says that the results of the recently completed research on land ownership rights in Upper Lapland were not a surprise for her.
Minister Tuija Brax said that the Government aims to solve the land ownership dispute in Upper Lapland before the next parliamentary elections, but preferably within the next year.
There is a danger that two worlds of values will emerge in Europe - a Nordic and a continental one", Brax said on Friday at a meeting of EU ministers of justice in Luxembourg.
Brax said that one possible improvement would be for the voter to get a printout confirming a successful vote.
Brax is not taking a stand on the possibility that elections might be held again in the municipalities in which electronic voting was tried.
Minister of Justice Tuija Brax has consented to patronize the World Championships in Agility in Finland.
Brax came out with something that excused why I liked her and my opinion of a very brave person in a questionable party.
Brax was mainly talking about the will of the people to participate and fulfil their obligations to democracy with main concern the vote.
Brax said the magic words, the youth is highly ignorant of democracy but perhaps it is time for the state to teach these people what is bad and what is good and not what worked for the good of Finland at the time.
Brax has a Master's degree in law from the University of Helsinki.
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Minister of Justice Tuija Brax says that the future of electronic voting remains open.
Tuija Brax is in her third term as an MP for Helsinki, representing the Green League.
Tuija Brax is a lawyer by training.
Tuija Brax says that she has to limit the amount of work she does on account of her family.