Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Christine Boutin of France

After Sarkozy's victory in the presidential election, on May 18, 2007 Boutin was named Minister of Housing and the City in the government of Prime Minister François Fillon.
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Boutin said that the websites that challenge Al-Qaeda role on the attack are drawing the largest numbers of visitors.
Boutin said in the interview posted on the website www.
Spokesman Christian Dupont was quoted by Liberation newspaper as saying that Boutin had not wanted to appear pro or anti-Bush at a time when Sarkozy was being branded a "US poodle" after meeting the president in Washington.
The show was taped in November 2006, at the time when Boutin was just a zealous supporter of then-candidate Sarkozy.
The argument of the masses, to establish truth, that always gives you shivers down the spine, doesn't it ? Now that Boutin is in the government, this video and the irresponsible remarks in it are a little embarrassing.
A spokesman for Boutin has criticized ReOpen911's presentation on its Web site of a "truncated" version of Karl Zro and the two bloggers' now months-old interview/conversation with her, which, the spokesman said, only serves to stir up "a polemic.
Christine Boutin is a French politician.
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Anyone know if that Christine Boutin is famous or something? I think I'm related and it would just be pretty cool.