Secretary of State for Transport Dominique Bussereau of France

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Dominique Bussereau is a French politican, currently the Secretary of State for Transport within the government of François Fillon.
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Announcing the rescue plan after meeting with representatives of the sector, Bussereau said aid totalling 4m would be available for those in.
PARIS (AFX) - France's Agriculture Minister Dominique Bussereau said the government will soon meet to discuss measures for preventing the spread of bird flu, amid fears the recent appearance of the virus in Turkey could spread to its European neighbours.
On Monday, Bussereau said France did not plan to announce additional measures to combat the potential spread of the bird flu virus, beyond the existing ban on feeding poultry outside of cages, and the requirement to confine free-range poultry in certain regions.
We are already taking the maximum amount of precautions possible,' Bussereau said on Monday.
France's Bussereau says EU farming subsidies untouchable - Forbes.
PARIS (AFX) - The EU's farm aid system is sacrosanct and must be defended to the hilt at the World Trade Organisation summit in Hong Kong, French agriculture minister Dominique Bussereau said in an interview published here.
That is the red line which must not be crossed,' Bussereau said in comments published in the Aujourd'hui en France daily.
France's Deputy Transportation Minister Dominique Bussereau said that the pilot of Flash Airlines flight FSH604 detected problems shortly after takeoff and tried to turn back.
Were getting started right now and I think we could, in about two or three months timemaybe soonerpresent a plan, Bussereau said after leaving the meeting.
Secretary of State for Transport Dominique Bussereau said he had asked police to boost security at rail installations.
Tholen - The French minister of Agriculture, Dominique Bussereau has announced a new strategy for the French fruit sector at the recent congress of the national federation of fruit producers FNPF.
French Agriculture Minister Dominique Bussereau has ruled out changes to the European Union's system of farm subsidies, saying he would prefer that the Doha trade talks fail instead.
Bussereau said the text now states pilots can stop working before 65 without losing any of their benefits.
French Agriculture Minister Dominique Bussereau said the immediate problem was to get through the summer with minimal disruption.
As China unveiled its jumbo jet manufacturing company on Sunday in Shanghai, Bussereau said France does not consider China as a threat in the manufacture of commercial aircraft.
Although in February this year the French finance ministry affirmed that there was no privatization in the works for Aeroports de Paris, Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau has just let it be known that he’d decided to ‘study’ the issue of the “eventual opening up of the capital” of ADP.
A spokesman for the transport minister did say, however, that “although Mr Bussereau has decided to ‘study’ ADP’s privatization, please be assured that effectively a change of status for ADP is not imminent.
Bussereau said he was discussing with Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin whether it would be possible to vaccinate poultry in the departments that make up the Bresse region in eastern France as well.
French poultry producers have estimated a 30 percent drop in sales since the bird flu crisis started in November at a cost of $155 million, Bussereau said earlier on Thursday.
A half-hour before Tuesday's strike was to begin, Sarkozy, Fillon and Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau met with the directors of the national and regional rail systems as well as the directors of the public electric and gas utility companies EDF and GDF.
TUNIS – Tunisair has signed a deal to buy 19 Airbus planes, including 16 firm orders, France's junior minister for transport Dominique Bussereau said on Tuesday.