Secretary of State for Planning, Public Policy Evaluation, and Digital Economy Development Eric Besson of France

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Besson joined the French car company, Renault, then worked for Challenges, a business monthly, before joining the Vivendi foundation.
Besson is married to Sylvie Brunel, a geographist, and writer, former president of Action Against Hunger and they have three children.
Eric Besson is the former national secretary on the economy in the Socialist party.
Recently it became known, that Luc Besson has borrowed in producing of a spy thriller «From Paris with love» where a leaging role will execute John Travolta.
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Mr Besson said he wanted to spend more time in his constituency and the town of Donzère, where he is mayor.
Mr Besson is reported to have told a party meeting shortly before quitting: “You lot are a pain in the neck.
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The painting of Eric Besson is very close to reality.
Besson is one of the architects of the plan, which took many months to prepare.
Besson says that infrastructure is the key to the Digital Plan: We want to accelerate the development of high speed networks and allow 100% of the population to have access to these networks.
Besson says that a National Repository Platform for protected digital content should be set up and made accessible to all the Internet creators who want to protect their digital property.
Besson said he does not want access to services to be conditioned upon access to one operator’s network.
By November 2011, Besson says France will switch over to digital transition of television and invest in developing the mobile internet.
Minister Besson met with a number of entrepreneurs and VCs in the Valley (mostly French expatriates) like 3Com Chairman Eric Benhamou, Allegis Capital general partner Jean-Louis Gassee, Office 2.