Minister of Budget, Public Accounts, and the Civil Service Eric Woerth of France

Budget Minister Eric Woerth said France had received the list of hundreds of names from British tax authorities and Paris had not paid for the information.
Eric Woerth is willing to organise whith his german colleague Peer Steinbrück a meeting with OECD members in October or November about tax havens.
Frances budget minister Eric Woerth has already shot down one of three recommendations made by the Cop Commission (chaired by former budget minister Jean-Franois Cop, pictured, left) last week on how to compensate public broadcasters should the countrys advertising ban go ahead.
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I think he is the only one capable of taking an initiative like this, French budget minister Eric Woerth said on Europe 1 radio on Sunday.
French Budget Minister Eric Woerth said the 17 governments at the Paris meeting agreed to task the OECD with drafting a new expanded blacklist of countries.
French budget minister Eric Woerth says euro 'weighing on growth' - Forbes.
AFX News LimitedFrench budget minister Eric Woerth says euro 'weighing on growth'09.
PARIS (Thomson Financial) - French budget minister Eric Woerth said the high level of the euro 'is weighing on growth.
Woerth said 'there is no reason' to cut the growth forecast, a move which 'would give an extremely unpleasant and negative signal for the economy.
In yesterday's interview, Eric Woerth said the global economy is 'going through a difficult period.
Woerth said that over the entire year the economy is expected to grow by one percent - not a great achievement, but growth all the same.
In his speech at the conference, Woerth said it was time to act against offshore financial centres that prosper from secrecy and a lack of transparency.
In an interview with French newspaper La Tribune published on Wednesday, Woerth said French investigators were focusing on 64 "family groups" out of a list of 200 tax fraud suspects forwarded to Paris by British authorities in February.
Woerth said additional information received in July from Australian tax authorities on French taxpayers with accounts at LGT was now being examined by investigators, but it could take a long time before they complete their checks.
In the meantime, Woerth said he and German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck had agreed that members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) should meet in October to debate tax havens and evasion.
Woerth said he wanted to examine whether countries that had been taken off the list had made a genuine effort to cooperate in international efforts to fight financial crime.
In the French domestic context, Woerth said he favoured creating a special judicial unit placed under the authority of a judge that would specialise in tax fraud investigations.
9 billion) and 12 billion lower than forecast in the government's original plans, Budget Minister Eric Woerth said on Sunday.
Perhaps that's not so surprising in these days of belt-tightening as although each ministry has an entertainment budget of €200,000 per annum, Woerth had more than a wee bit of diplomatic tongue-biting to do earlier this year when one of his colleagues (Rachida Dati at the justice ministry) admitted that she had already blown two thirds of her department's allowance in just the first three months of this year.
Woerth is not the only minister in the government expected to be present at the "soiree.
Woerth said he expects the government to complete its plans this year and to launch a test phase in 2009 or 2010.
In his latest disclosures, Minister Woerth said that France was not acting under threat from the European Commission (which has engaged with the French on the countrys monopolistic gambling policy) but to address the changes brought in by technological developments and the Internet.
Woerth said he would present them in detail to the French government during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
Woerth said the level of taxation for online gaming firms operating in France had not yet been set as he wanted to consult with relevant parties in order to set up something that works, especially with regard to the issue of financial returns towards sport and sports bodies, with the principle of a levy applied across the sports betting industry.
A correction: I said yesterday that Eric Woerth was going to be promoted to the post of "minister of stimulus.
Eric Woerth has been promoted from secretary of state in charge of the budget to the new post of "stimulus minister.
Woerth said he would not allow fixed-odds betting, where the payout is agreed when a bet is made.