Prime Minister Francois Fillon of France

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Fillon has experience in negotiating with the trade unions, having undertaken controversial reforms of the 35-hour workweek and the pension system.
The Guardian reported that Fillon is an Anglophile; his wife Penelope Clarke, with whom he has 5 children, was born in Wales.
Ideologically, Fillon is being described as a moderate left-leaning member of the conservative UMP party.
Fillon had his first experience as a minister in 1993 when he became Minister for the Higher education and Research under PM Édouard Balladur.
Deutsche Presse-Agentur "PROFILE: Sarkozy's Premier Francois Fillon is open to dialogue.
Fillon lives with his wife, Penelope, and five children, Marie, Charles, Antoine, Édouard and Arnaud, in the 12th century Château de Beaucé, set in 20 acres (8 ha) of woodland on the banks of the River Sarthe at the famous monastery village of Solesmes, near Sablé-sur-Sarthe about halfway between Le Mans and Angers.
Fillon has a reputation as an Anglophile and has had speaking engagements at a wide variety of universities in Britain, notably the London School of Economics.
Having lived all his life in the Le Mans area and now representing it politically, Fillon is an enthusiastic supporter of the city's famous 24 hour sportscar race, which he has attended nearly every year since he was a small child.
Anglophile Fillon is new French PM.
Fillon has experience of dealing with France's unions Francois Fillon, France's new prime minister, is seen as a safe pair of hands and a competent politician.
Fillon has been rewarded for successfully masterminding Sarkozy's election campaign and he shares many of his policy ideas.
As social affairs minister in the right-wing government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin in 2003, Fillon was the architect of a law on pension reform.
Fillon has his roots in the social wing of the ruling conservative party, formerly the Gaullist RPR, now rebranded as the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and was largely loyal to Chirac for many years.
Fillon was born in the town of Le Mans in 1954 and has represented the region as a member of the national assembly and of the senate.
Francois Charles Amand Fillon was born on March 4, 1954, in Le Mans, northwestern France, in a region that he has represented as a National Assembly lawmaker and as a senator.
Fillon is married with five children.
Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Tuesday that the French government was considering 'financing almost directly big car makers that.
French prime minister Francois Fillon has asked telecommunication regulator Arcep to open an application procedure for the country's fourth 3G licence.
A key ally of Nicolas Sarkozy and - as his campaign director - one of the architects of his successful presidential election campaign, Francois Fillon is a former French Education and Social Affairs Minister with a reputation for strength but also subtlety in pushing through reforms.
Mr Fillon comes from the left of Mr Sarkozy's Union for a Popular Movement party and believes in social inclusiveness, a fact which could help him deal with some of France's notoriously difficult trade unions when it comes to bargaining over economic reform.
Madame Fillon is chatelaine of the Chateau de Beaucé, an imposing manor house at Sablé-sur-Sarthe.
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François Fillon is the prime minister of France, appointed by president Nicolas Sarkozy in a move intended to smooth the enactment of an ambitious reform program.
Sarkozy Chooses Campaign Aide as New French Premier to Help Smooth Way for Reform PlanBy KATRIN BENNHOLDFrançois Fillon is a close confidant of Nicolas Sarkozy and has a strong record of promoting economic change and successful negotiations with unions.
French Premier: Rein in Energy Price SwingsBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESSPARIS (AP) -- The rapid rise and fall of energy prices over the last year has worsened the impact of the global financial crisis, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Friday, calling for more visibility in markets to keep prices in check.
French Premier Backs Vote on Deployment in AfghanistanBy STEVEN ERLANGERPrime Minister François Fillon said on Friday that he would support a parliamentary vote in September on the troop deployment in line with recent constitutional changes.
three lots of 5 megahertz, with one reserved for a new operator, Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Monday.
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French PM: G20 Must Yield Concrete Financial Regulatory MeasuresMorningstar 1/9/2009 7:22:24 AMFrench Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Friday the next G20 summit on financial regulation must yield concrete measures and that no market.
French PM: No European Country Will Avoid Recession In 2009Morningstar 12/18/2008 4:12:44 AMFrench Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Thursday that no European country will be able to avoid economic recession next year, due to the.
On 17 May, François Fillon was appointed Prime Minister by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.
French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has announced that the country will not tax sporks and other plastic utensils after all.
As well as the "Phantom PM", Mr Fillon is collecting new nicknames in the French press, including "The Understudy", "The Shadow" and "Sarko-lite.
In the French National Assembly last week, Socialist leader Francois Hollande questioned whether Mr Fillon had any power.
It is the second time in two weeks that Mr Fillon has run into trouble over his tough-talking rhetoric.
Some observers say Mr Fillon has decided to speak out because he is tired of being stifled by the "hyper-president" and his media-friendly aides at the Elysee, and is keen to push ahead with reforms.
One colleague from the Sarthe region, where Mr Fillon is a deputy, said: "Fillon has immense pride.
PARIS : The rapid rise and fall of energy prices over the last year has worsened the impact of the global financial crisis, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Friday, calling for more visibility in.
Visiting French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said here Tuesday that his country rejects Iran's possession of nuclear weapons, the Egyptian MENA news agency reported.
PARIS : Legislation that would make it easier for French shops to open on Sundays has been delayed until next year, Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Thursday after rowdy scenes in Parliament during the.
No European country will avoid economic recession in 2009, but France resists rather better to the crisis than other European countries, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Thursday in an interview.
Paris - French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said that sanctions against Russia are not on the agenda for Monday's EU emergency summit in Brussels.
However, Fillon said Russia is a very large country that matters.
Fillon has unveiled a 15 minister cabinet team that includes seven women.
The other two parts will be open to all wireless carriers, Fillon said at a news conference in Paris.
A stimulus package would only amplify our debt and our deficits without bringing US lasting results, Fillon said in a speech to a meeting of Frances UMP party in the southwestern town of Royan, according to a text of the speech made available by his office.
French Prime Minister Francois Fillon is hosting an emergency summit with Italian, British and German leaders on October 4.
PARIS, Jan 15 (Reuters) - French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Thursday he expected the European Central Bank to cut its benchmark rate to 2.
PARIS - Frances Prime Minister Francois Fillon said on Tuesday that there is still a slim chance of a ceasefire in Gaza, as President Nicolas Sarkozy prolonged a regional peace-seeking tour.
Fillon was addressing parliament to explain why Sarkozy.
Saad Hariri head of Future parliamentary bloc in Lebanon, the biggest bloc in the Lebanese Parliament said after meeting with French PM Francois Fillon said that Paris agreed to send observers for the upcoming legislative elections that are considered crucial for the future of the country.
PARIS (Reuters) - French Prime Minister Francois Fillon remains more popular than President Nicolas Sarkozy this month though fewer people are satisfied with Fillon than in November, an opinion poll issued on Saturday showed.
Frances Fillon says Madoff scandal supports French calls for improved.