Secretary of State for Defense and Veterans Affairs Jean-Marie Bockel of France

Contrary to many other mayors, JM Bockel has done what he promised.
Nevertheless, JB Bockel has decided with the council to build a new University.
Comment: Jean Marie Bockel is a man sincerely motivated to bring a perpetual development for his city.
Bockel has a extraordinary humans qualitiess.
Comment: Jean Marie BOCKEL is a very fine person ; he has done a lot for his town, and is very easy to talk to.
Comment: Mr Bockel has a long-term vision.
Comment: Jean-Marie BOCKEL has an outstanding record of achievement as a progressive and action-focused mayor of a difficult, rather poor city.
Jean-Marie Bockel is Mayor of Mulhouse and president of the urban area of Mulhouse-South Alsace.
In his role as president of the Association Trans Europe TGV Rhin-Rhne-Mditerrrane, Mayor Bockel is playing a leading part in the realisation of this crucial transport scheme.
In fact , Mayor Bockel has been awarded the Marianne dOr 2004 for this specific type of conduct by local government.
On security, Mayor Bockel has called for a general mobilisation against crime.
Also in diplomatic news: Serbian Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac and French Secretary of State for Defence Jean-Marie Bockel met in Paris.
As soon as there is desecration or revisionist comment, it is necessary to react with the extreme firmness, Bockel said in a reference to JeanMarie Le Pen, National Front leader, who in an interview called again the Nazi gas chambers a detail of the history of World War II.
Bockel discussed the planned training center with President Paul Biya during a visit to Cameroon early this month.
The duo Sarkozy-Bockel is unfortunately in perfect harmony.
Speaking to AFP, Bockel said 'it is clear that Areva has never supported and does not support the rebellion.
Bockel said that the exchange of embassies would give additional impetus to Sarkozy's anticipated visit to Damascus, although he did not specify whether the establishment of diplomatic relations was a condition of the French president's trip to the Syrian capital.
Bockel said that his visit to Beirut "comes in the context of a follow-up to French President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit, in order to support the progress of national reconciliation in Lebanon and to rebuild permanent peace in the region.