Secretary of State for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet of France

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Jean-Pierre Jouyet was mentioned as possibly becoming deputy to the president at the World Bank.
In May 2007, Jean-Pierre Jouyet was appointed Secretary of State in charge of European Affairs in the François Fillon government.
From 1991 to 1995, Jean-Pierre Jouyet took part in the works of the European Union, in his last year of that period acting as Chief of Staff to Jacques Delors, president of the European Commission.
LONDON, April 16 (UPI) -- France has fought a stubborn and increasingly desperate rearguard action for the past 30 years to protect its farmers against the competition of world markets through the mechanism of Europe's Common Agricultural Policy.
You can influence the ECBs decisions by having a more open discussion about the motivations behind interest rate decisions," Jouyet said during an interview.
Jouyet said discussions should cover the four key variables determining the banks interest rate decisions: productivity levels, inflationary trends, public finances - and exchange rates.
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I think that it is not the right time for membership for Georgia and Ukraine, Jean-Pierre Jouyet said on the sidelines of a European Parliament session.
While Jouyet said he was expressing his personal opinion, he in fact confirmed a view repeatedly expressed by Paris.
Jean-Pierre Jouyet is the French Minister for European affairs.
Raising the new possibility offered by the Lisbon Treaty for “permanent structured cooperation between those states whose military capabilities fulfil higher criteria”, Mr Jouyet said that France would “start the debate on the conditions for its implementation”, but that “in any event these provisions would not be implemented before 2009.
Jean-Pierre Jouyet said the 15-nations in the eurozone need to be governed better and to have better representation in world affairs.
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Jouyet said Paris' attitude towards Europe had changed since French voters rejected the EU constitution at a referendum in 2005.
France's Jouyet says Blair not suited to EU top job - Forbes.
AFX News LimitedFrance's Jouyet says Blair not suited to EU top job02.
But Jouyet said Europe's future president also needed 'to be very close to all the European groupings, whether the euro zone or the Schengen zone,' neither of which include Britain.
I think that it is not the right time for membership for Georgia and Ukraine… It is not in the interests of Europe or its relations with Russia," France's Minister for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet said Wednesday on the sidelines of a European Parliament session.
The remarks, which Jouyet said reflected his personal opinion, come ahead of a summit of NATO foreign ministers in December when they will once again examine Georgia and Ukraine's bid for membership.