Secretary of State for Employment Laurent Wauquiez of France

Laurent Wauquiez is quickly named National secretary near the deputy General secretary of the Union for a popular movement - UMP - Brice Hortefeux, of which he is a close relation, in particular because of their common political establishment in Auvergne area.
France has warned organisers of the Dakar rally against holding stages in Mauritania after four French tourists were killed there last month, government spokesman Laurent Wauquiez said on Thursday.
Wauquiez said that it takes politicians in France an hour to deliver a speech that in America is done infive minutes.
Wauquiez said it would be the first time that French job seekers who refused work would face such penalties.
It is a real little revolution for France," Wauquiez said in an interview.
Reading into this weekend's election results, Wauquiez said on France-Inter radio that voters seemed to want faster action on economic and social changes that affect their daily lives.
Jobs minister Laurent Wauquiez said : “The main aim is to make a more personalised service to help people find the right job, but also to control abuse of the system.
Politics is like any other domain and must be accountable to citizens,”government spokesman Laurent Wauquiez said on Thursday.
Government spokesman Laurent Wauquiez said after yesterday’s cabinet meeting that a nationwide plan to boost education, job prospects and transport links in the suburbs would be unveiled as planned on January 22.
Government spokesman Laurent Wauquiez said she had only used the card twice - for two dinners in restaurants costing a total 410 euros ($650) - but had decided to return it to avoid any controversy.
Mr Wauquiez said the wives of previous presidents had had official credit cards and said a review was needed of how presidential funds were organised.