Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Michel Barnier of France

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Michel Barnier was born in La Tronche in the Isère département of the Rhône-Alpes région, in France.
French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier has defended a European effort to lift an arms embargo against China, despite criticism from Washington.
Barnier said that warnings and threats were not useful in cementing newly improved relations between Europe and the United States, following deep differences over the war on Iraq.
Barnier described China as the main issue of disagreement between Europe and the United States.
Barnier said that Europe's objective in lifting the ban was not to increase arms sales in the region, but to establish a strategic and responsible dialogue with China.
Barnier said the Europeans are progressing with open eyes with the Iranians.
By way of introduction, Karl von Wogau (EPP-ED, Germany), chairing the EP's sub-committee on defence and security, gratefully recalled that Michel Barnier was the father of the solidarity clause and the Armaments Agency (proposals made under the defence chapter of the Convention), the Agency having seen light of day independently of the moribund draft Treaty.
Ramallah, defying Israeli objections.
Church Patriarch Michel Sabbah in Jerusalem later in the day.
the construction of the separation barrier.
Michel Barnier was born in La Tronche in the Isre dpartement of the Rhne-Alpes rgion.
Barnier is a surname, and may refer to: Michel Barnier (born 1951), conservative French politician Romain Barnier (born 1976), French freestyle swimmer.
Mr Barnier said poorer countries should not put cultivation of cash crops for export before feeding their populations.
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Michael Barnier is Foreign Minister of France and appears in the Wall Street Journal with a Letter To America.
News in brief from around the region.
Michel Barnier is EU Commissioner for Regional Policy and Institutional Reform.
The recent interview with Joe Borg (EU Commissioner for Fisheries) and Michel Barnier has allowed everyone to present its arguments, but not definitively settle the dispute, said the ministry.
It is a substantive disagreement, Michel Barnier said in the release.
The day before, in an interview with the Journal on Sunday, Michel Barnier had demanded evidence of Brussels on the overshooting of quotas.
Michel Barnier has appealed to the Council of Ministers of the European Union to challenge the ban.
French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier says the European Union will not offer new concessions in opening up its farm markets during a possible new round of negotiations in Geneva next month to clinch a.
BRUSSELS, Belgium French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier says the European Union will not offer new concessions in opening up its.
Michel Barnier is France's Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, and was formerly France's Foreign Minister and EU Commissioner in charge of Regional Policy and the Reform of European Institutions.
results of the conference that brought together Iraq, its neighbors, and the G8.
Barnier said peace in the Middle East is at the top of all our agendas because it is key to not just the region but to solving many conflicts throughout the world and many issues that we're facing throughout the world.
The objective set in this area by the president must be respected," Barnier is quoted as saying.