Secretary of State for Relations With Parliament Roger Karoutchi of France

Karoutchi was born in Casablanca into a Sephardi family settled in Morocco in the 18th century.
Karoutchi was a European delegate from 1997 to 1999 and Senator from Hauts-de-Seine from 1999 to 2007.
Roger Karoutchi is the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations in the French government of Franois Fillon.
Net/ Ethnic Armenian Roger Karoutchi was appointed France’s Secretary of State for relations with Parliament.
Roger Karoutchi is resolutely against the entry of Turkey in European Union and request to the Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
Roger Karoutchi said in his letter, “The issue you stated is extremely serious, so I will definitely ask the French government to allow the facts to be openly discussed.
It is not a diplomatic role in the classical sense," Karoutchi said on the iTele TV station.