Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and Francophonie and Regional Integration Paul Toungui of Gabon

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G24 chairman Paul Toungui said under-representation of developing nations in the lenders undermined their legitimacy and effectiveness.
Despite promises by the Bush administration that it would consult widely in its search for a new World Bank president, Toungui said the United States had not asked everyone.
Toungui said the G24 would continue to push for change and hoped "one day that situation will be far clearer for everyone concerned.
Toungui described prospects for possible cooperation between Russian businessmen and the Republic of Gabon.
Gabon: In a cabinet reshuffle, Paul Toungui is appointed foreign minister and Blaise Louembé finance minister.
To arrest this production fall-off, Mr Toungui said major discoveries need to be made.
Toungui said it was time to end the "myth" that Gabon was the private hunting ground of any one state or society.
Paul Toungui is Gabon's Minister of State and Minister of the Economy, Finance, the Budget, and Privatization.