Secretary of State for Trade, Industry, and Employment Abdou Kolley of Gambia, The

Regarding the resolutions handed over at the occasion by labour unions, Kolley said they would be looked at and studied carefully to see what can be implemented.
Kolley said it would be most effective when key stakeholders, government institu tions, financial institutions, civil society organizations, among others, maximized their contribution with a shared perception of agreement on policies and coo ination of resources and activities.
In his launching speech, SoS Kolley said that the objective of setting up the Ecowas Inter-States Road Transit regime in 1982 was to facilitate transportation of goods within the territories of the member states, in a bid to improving on the inter-state trade.
Kolley said long term development financing for productive investment is vital for economic development, but is largely unavailable in the country, especially for small and medium enterprises.
Kolley said the “groundnut sector is liberal like any other “product.