Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Science, and Technology Crispin Grey-johnson of Gambia, The

An aide at the Gambian mission said Grey-Johnson was not available to meet with CPJ.
Grey-Johnson was appointed as Secretary of State for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology in early 2007, and he was sworn in on February 22, 2007.
Minister Grey-Johnson expressed his thanks for Taiwan's offering his country's students opportunities to study in Taiwan and helping his country advance various educational projects.
Minister Grey-Johnson has an excellent educational background and work experience.
Secretary of State Grey-Johnson was accompanied by a high-powered delegation comprising the secretaries of state for Agriculture, Higher Education, Interior, Youth and Sports, Tourism, Trade,  the chairman of the National Planning Commission, CEO of GIPFZA, permanent secretaries and other senior government officials.
Secretary of State Grey-Johnson was speaking on Tuesday at the opening session of the four- day African Union Expert Group meeting on slavery and follow-up to World Conference against Racism underway at the Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi.
Speaking to APA after the meeting, the Gambian minister of Foreign Affairs, Crispin Grey-Johnson described it as a success and that it has made progress on many areas of relationship between the two countries.
Mr Grey-Johnson said their discussions will be followed up by another higher level meeting which he said will involved the Gambian Vice President and the Senegalese Prime Minister before the end of the year.
Ambassador Crispin Grey-Johnson has served the United Nations and the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of the Gambia in many capacities.
Grey-Johnson had wanted to seek the opinion of President Jammeh before instructing the High Commissioner in Abuja to take an action of showing up in court with a counsel.
Ambassador Crispin Grey-Johnson said his government believes the United Nations has the responsibility to intervene to prevent the eruption of conflicts "regardless of whether they are within or between states.
Grey-Johnson had been High Commissioner to Sierra Leone and Ambassador to Cte dIvoire and Liberia since 1999.
Grey-Johnson has been active in the search for peace in the West African subregion.
Crispin Grey-Johnson is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Gambia.