Secretary of State for Works, Construction, and Infrastructure Lamin Bojang of Gambia, The

earlier edition of the Daily Observer newspaper.
order that he should be granted bail.
any offence throughout the period of his detention.
In conclusion, Speaker Bojang expressed his organisation’s gratitude to Pro-Pag Advocacy Group’s Execututive Director, Dr Siga Jagne,  and Mr Alieu Darboe, for their commitment to the development of young people in supporting the NYP Strategic Plan.
According to a press release from the DoCIT, Famara Bojang was arrested in connection with the ongoing criminal trial on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and the possession of forged currency notes.
According to a Press Release from Department of State, Nfamara Bojang is involved in an ongoing trial regarding the possession of forged currency notes.
Brk/cc/04/07, the release says Famara Bojang was charged on 2 counts of conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to Section 368 of the Criminal Code Cap 10 volume 111, Laws of the Gambia and possession of forged currency notes contrary to section 334 of the Criminal Code Cap 10 volume 111, Laws of the Gambia.
Meanwhile information reaching this office indicates that Famara Bojang has been released.
The remark by Secy Bojang came as response to a question raised by Hon.
Chief Bojang is being replaced as paramount chief for Western Region by Seefo Demba Sanyang, the current chief of Lamin Village, according to reliable sources.
Bojang has lost such portfolio accorded him by the Gambian leader.
The sacking of chief Dembo Santa Bojang has sent shock waves through many in Brikama and its environs.
Brikama is a big town and Chief Santa Bojang is doing extremely well in job.
Meanwhile Dembo Santa Bojang is still the chief of Kombo Central but removed as the paramount for Western Division.
Chief Bojang was among the group of elders who stormed the State House, during the transition period, calling on President Jammeh to contest the 1996 controversial Presidential elections.
Bojang was among the dancing elders who endorsed Jammeh’s candidature.