Chief of Defense Staff Lang Tombong Tamba of Gambia, The

General Tamba is reported to  have been  on the payroll of the Kairaba shopping Centre, who according to well placed sources at the state house  had bribed Tamba to save them from facing the full scale of the law.
Tamba has been accused of receiving bribes from the Syrians amounting to millions of dalasis.
Our correspondent who has been investigating the story gathered that Lang Tombong Tamba was also tasked by the Kairaba Management to facilitate the hiring process of security guards posted at the shopping centre.
Each time he walked into the shopping centre, they said  Tamba is accorded with a special reception and had been seen dinning and winning with the shopping centre boss after work.
According to these sources, General Lang Tombong Tamba has been meddling into the affairs of the said case, which is virtually undermining all serious efforts to bring the accused persons to justice.
rubbishes news reports that Bajinka was wanted.
Hon Borry Colley, also a member of the society, through CDS appealed to government to build a photo –Lab for the societyFor his part, Major General Lang Tombong Tamba described photography as a noble profession adding that it is not a job for the dropout as many people may perceive itHe pointed out that photographers are contributing their quota towards the socio-economic development of the nationGeneral Tamba called on them to cover local matches and assured them that he will talk to the GFA president about the issue of the press cards.
Brigadier General Lang Tombong Tamba expressed gratitude and appreciation to President Jammeh and government for the promotion given to him and Major Musa Jammeh.
Brigadier General Tamba said the promotion would inspire him to work harder, be industrious and loyal.
Lang Tombong Tamba has been promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, while Head of the State House Guards, Captain Musa Jammeh was made Major.
Both men belong to the Gambian leader’s Jola-speaking kinsmen, and CDS Tamba was said to have played a critical role in putting down last year’s alleged coup attempt against the Gambia Government.
Captain Jammeh was promotedto the rank of Major while Chief of Defense Staff Brigadier Lang Tombong Tamba was made Brigadier General, the first of its rank in the country’s military history.
forces and the legislative branch of government.
Until his sudden promotion to the highest military rank in a country with few years of military experience, Mr Tamba was a Colonel.
Brigadier General Tamba is the 1st Vice President of Gambia Football Association.
Like Musa Jammeh, Momodou Tumbul Tamba had the dubious distinction of torturing and then executing closest friends the last being Alpha Bah his batch mate who disappeared with former NIA Director Daba Marena.
The Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces, Major General Lang Tombong Tamba has revealed that the Gambia Armed Forces is rapidly.
gm - The Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces, Major General Lang Tombong Tamba has revealed that the Gambia Armed Forces is rapidly expanding and thus called on all soldiers to keep up the momentum.
Chief of Defense Staff Tamba is the first Gambian military officer having been promoted to the position of Brigadier General and his experience includes the Commander of the President Guard and Armed Forces Chief of Staff after he served in UN Peace Observer Missions in 1999 and 2003.
Lang Tombong Tamba was named as the new Chief of Defence Staff, replacing Cham, while Lt-Col.