Secretary of State for Petroleum, Energy, and Mineral Resources Ousman Jammeh of Gambia, The

Our Banjul correspondent says president Jammeh has ordered the Personnel Management Office (PMO) and the State Department of Finance to withhold July salaries of some civil servants as a punishment for their poor attendance during July 22nd celebrations.
President Jammeh is said to be unhappy with the poor attendance of civil servants during the 13th anniversary of the July 22nd military takeover.
Again, in trying to confuse the public by making them believe that Jammeh that is only appointing Jolas in positions of public trust, Mbai has failed to point out that Jammeh has nothing to do with the appointment of some of the people he is listing in his newspaper nor has their ethnicity played a part in their appointments.
With regard to the statement: Based on the feed backs we are getting, Jammeh has a special project on Mandingka, Fulla and Wollof army officers and other public servants.
Yahya Jammeh is a hater, who should be apprehended.
Jammeh is building a Jolla Kingdom in The Gambia.
Jammeh is a very dubious character when all is said and done.
Jammeh says checks are detectable.
No doubt the ports is gone and gone for ever as far as Jammeh is the President.
Mr Jammeh is known to be calm,humble and dedicated to his duties.
Mr Jammeh was appointed to serve as the coroner regard the state-sponsored crime we are investigating on herein.
Ousman Jammeh said the goal of the programme is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and standard of living of The Gambia population.
Given that Yahya Jammeh is insecure in his position and distrusting the other tribes to the point of paranoia, Jammeh has surrounded himself with his tribesmen and appointed them to positions of authority where they not only wield unprecedented power and influence, but also are free and encouraged to loot the nations financial and other resources.
For now, the way to break out of this seemingly intractable jam is for the Fulas, Mandinkas, Wollofs, Sereres, Manjakoes and Serahules in the military and security services to realize that Yahya Jammeh is not interested in the development of their own tribesmen and that he only trusts Jolas in the military and other security services.
Jammeh said that the new dispensation will “likely be more profit-oriented for farmers, as it will drastically reduce the role of middle men and dealers in the commercialization process.
Jammeh frown at regional leaders' recognition of Guinea coupists Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has advised the Guinean coupists to work closely with the Economic Community of West African States (ECO W AS) instead of listening to.
31/12/2008 President Jammeh commends Gambian Christians The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said no Christian was convicted of any crime by the courts of law in the country in 2008 and urge d Muslims to learn from.