Secretary of State for Interior Ousman Sonko of Gambia, The

Hon Sonko said that since he attended the inauguration of Reliance, one year ago, he has been observing the performance of Reliance, which, he added, has been satisfactory and has therefore increased his admiration and confidence in the company as a financial institution which has come to salvage the Gambian population through savings and credit facilities, especially the small and medium scale enterprises and entrepreneurs.
In receiving the prize, SoS Sonko said he was honoured and proud to associate with Reliance.
SOS Sonko was speaking at a presentation ceremony of 200 handcuffs and four Touch Lights by one Lamina Saidy a Gambian and his Jamaican counter-part Redelf Beranard as their contribution toward the national development.
A top police chief at the police head quarters in Banjul, in a dispatch to the Freedom Newspaper has finally named the woman police officer Sonko had impregnated.
In this rather disturbing and revealing piece, Minister Sonko has also been accused by his own colleague of luring Malaa Cham, an Immigration officer from Sukuta into abortion after impregnating the lady.
Sonko is capable of planting an informant at the Point to spy at the late Hydara.
Sonko began dating this young girl immediately and as I write this piece, she is fully pregnant and Sonko is responsible.
When Sonko was appointed as IG, he negotiated with Daba Marena for his wife to be transferred to the NIA from the Prisons which was done.
This promising journalist then moved to Sonkos residence in Kuto whilst Sonko was in Taiwan for an official mission.
He promised to marry Njemeh,  but I doubt this very much  and I believe Njemeh should  now know  that Sonko is not a serious man.
The young girls in the Police Headquarters will every morning be showing each other SMS text messages Sonko had been sending to them every evening and this used to be a laughing matter in the Headquaters.
I am not a journalist, but I believe Public Figures do not have privacy and Sonko is no exception.
Our investigation revealed that Kawsu was on the wheel, Sonko was sitting at the front seat, Musa and Tamba at the back seat-right and left respectively.
To punctuate their unassailable evidence against Sonko and Jammeh our sources continue we challenge President Jammeh if he is the Muslim he claims to be, to go on national TV and swear by the Holy Quran that (a) he did not order Sonko to kill lawyer Sillah, (b) that Sonko was not the lead assassin, (c) that he President Jammeh did not own the black short gun (d) that he did not personally hand the gun to Sonko and told him kill lawyer Sillah and the entire defense team and finally, (e) that he did not dispatch the NIA to visit lawyer Sillahs supposed dead body at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital Morgue (Dead House) to confirm that indeed, Ousman Sillah was silenced.
However, as if by divine intervention argue our sources, the plan to eliminate the rest of Baba Jobes defence team failed because Jammeh and Sonko had a dispute over money.
Captain Ousman Sonko was allegedly instructed by President Jammeh to make sure that Jawo never sees Banjul again.
Sonko was not the villain that he thought since he was willing to burn the most critical publication to his government and kill its staffers; to simultaneously send a message to the dictator that numerous crimes were committed during Cpt.
Subsequently, Bombarde and his masked men picked these immigrants from these locations in groups of eight and took them to a killing site in the farms of Siffoe village in Gambia's Western Division 50km off Banjul at Siffoe farms under the command of IGP Ousman Sonko (Sonko is now Interior Minister), CDS Ndure Cham, Major Ousman Badjie of the State House Guards and Captain Momodou Tumbul Tamba.
Secretary of State Sonko expressed hope that with the establishment of this commission, refugee matters in The Gambia would be better managed and coordinated in keeping with the provision of international conventions and protocols that The Gambia is a signatory to.
Speaking at the official inauguration of the institution's new branch at Lamin market ,SoS Sonko said Reliance Financial Services is playing its part to boom the country's economy with the provision of a wide range of banking services.