President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, The

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Just before the execution of the coup, Jammeh had returned to Gambia from a military police training program in the United States.
According to the Economist, when Jammeh was asked how the arch was financed, he replied, "Allah gave me it.
Jammeh was elected with about 56 percent of the vote, and his party took control of Gambia's new legislature in elections held in 1997.
Jammeh was re-elected on October 18, 2001 with about 53% of the vote; this election was generally deemed free and fair by observers, despite some shortcomings.
Jammeh was sworn in for his third term on December 15.
A coup attempt against Jammeh was reported to have been thwarted on March 21, 2006; Jammeh, who was in Mauritania at the time, quickly returned home.
Jammeh has been accused of restricting freedom of the press.
Jammeh has denied that security agents were involved in the killing.
Jammeh has been linked with the 2004 massacre of 44 Ghanaian migrants and 10 other ECOWAS nationals.
Gambia's Jammeh takes oath for new term", AFP (IOL), December 15, 2006.
The President His Excellency Professor Alh.
Yahya Jammeh has received in audience some potential investors currently exploring business opportunities in the country.
The President Professor Alhaji Dr.
Yahya Jammeh has been honored with another award by the Father Gough Foundation in recognition of his contribution to the development of sports in The Gambia.
President Jammeh receives an Excellence Award from Father Joseph Gough, former Principal of St.
Mobutu is dead, but Yahya Jammeh is still alive.
The same Yahya Jammeh had a row with the company he used to lift crude oil from Nigeria, that court case is still active and will one day bear bitter fruits for Yahya and his cronies.
The same Yahya Jammeh had serious issues with a South African energy firm, they were discouraged and left the shores of Banjul.
The same Yahya Jammeh had serious issues with GAMPOWER-electricity co that used to be run by a Senegalese citizen called Samuel Sarr.
Just wanna tell that Jammeh is only popet.
In all his frequent public outbursts, tirades and diatribes, Yahya Jammeh has often evoked the first person I when he refers to The Gambia, and I for one, can never ever bring myself to accept this.
Yahya Jammeh has clearly adopted an unacceptable motto, which explicitly declares; what is mine is mine, and what is The Gambias is mine as well.
But, not everything Jammeh is doing is worth printing as far as The Daily Observer is concerned.
Why should our fellow countrymen just disappear like that and no one is raising any voice about it? Is this The Gambia we want to live in? Hasnt anyone got the guts to do or say something about this because Yahya Jammeh has emasculated our whole country? Like everyone else who went missing since 1994, we as a country owe it to the family of Ebou Jarjou to never stop asking the hard question until we can find justice for him too.
After all, every-one forgot that Jammeh is not looking for management qualification.
Fatim Badgie is a thoroughly Wolofnised Jola, but it is the Badjie that counts as far as Jammeh is concerned.
Jammeh has employed only Cassamance Jolas in all supposed farms and business interests, but our fellow Gambians have to work for free for him.
With regard to the price of meat for which Jammeh was complaining last week, the blame rests on him.
Jammeh has a battalion of middlemen who buys most of the cattle coming from the provinces.
Finally, Jammeh is giving away Medals of Honor again.
Like our diplomatic passports that are given to every white man who sets foot in State House, this is a form of prostitution and Jammeh is the pimp.
Some readers had gone as far as suggesting that Yahya Jammeh had sent in dowry proposing to marry VIVI as she is affectionately called by her fans.
Throughout Dakar, the news here is that Yahya Jammeh is dating Vivian and may end up sending cola nuts to wed a second wife our sources say.
According to Njie, just recently, Jammeh had two Senegalese ladies in two lush apartments in the Fajara area for at least three weeks; and during this time, both girls were provided with Lexus cars at Jammehs expense.
For now though I can report that while they may be talking, Yahya Jammeh has not yet married Vivian; that I would have known said a confident Khakatarr.
However, according to our most reliable correspondent, the Yundum Barracks whistleblower, OX, President Jammeh had long wanted Vivian.
That Jammeh is dating VIVI is not surprising to me because I have known Jammeh for a very long time now says OX.
Captain and in 1996 he was promoted to the rank of Colonel.
2001: President Jammeh was decorated with Grand Croix dans l'Ordre National du Lion.
Yahya Jammeh is indeed a joke and shame for our country.
gmPresident Yahya Jammeh has re-iterated that the provision of standard and affordable health care services is upper-most on his government's development agenda.
ECCENTRIC Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has threatened to behead gays unless they leave the country, according to reports.
Jammeh has a long history of homophobia, spokesman Peter Tatchell said.
Jammeh was so angry with Jawara that he ordered the demolition of the borehole in Jawara's native village, Barajally, which was the only source of fresh water for the village.
At the time of taking over the reigns of power, Yahya Jammeh was not a wealthy man.
But just after 14 years in power, Jammeh has become the richest Gambian.
Despitebeing paida monthly salary of less than 1000, Jammeh is so much loaded that he does not even know how much money is stashed awayin his bank accounts.
Since 1994, Jammeh has been building a vast empire in his native Kanilai, which is reported to be worth millions of Dalasis.
Everyday whether Jammeh is in Kanilai or not, a bull and four sheep are slaughtered.
Since late 1994, Jammeh took ownership of vast hectaresof land.
Outside the palace, Jammeh built a large building called the Four House where he spend most of his leisure time treating people with HIV/Aids and other diseases.
As a man who loves farming, Jammeh has so many farms.
President Yahya Jammeh is the head of state for Gambia.
Jammeh says that Gambia can only afford to heal 1,000 people at a time and wants “philanthropists” to donate money.
APA-Banjul (The Gambia) Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has slammed those he termed as irresponsible leaders in the sub-region for supporting the military.
The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said no Christian was convicted of any crime by the courts of law in the country in 2008 and urged Muslims to learn.
the government of President Yahya Jammeh has issued well over 100 Gambian diplomatic passports to very dubious foreign nationals with worrisome.
Sanna knows who was a man and who was not! Stop telling Gambians Yahya Jammeh is brave or is full of confidence.
Yahya Jammeh is such a shameless character my friends!Yahya will kill any soldier who narates what happened.
Why? Because for the past 13 years Yahya Jammeh has always been bragging that he is brave.
In as much as Yahya Jammeh is full of confidence as it was clearly said by Waa Juwara I am also inviting Mr Juwara to mark this passage in his diary and wait for the day of bravado.
The minority in parliament has already sent out the signal that the Gambian Leader, Yahya Jammeh is not a welcome visitor in our country.
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Born in Kanilai in western The Gambia, Jammeh joined the army in 1984, a year after graduating from high school.
In October 2001 Jammeh was reelected president in elections that were generally called free and fair by international observers; he again won the elections in September 2006 with 67 percent of the vote.
to silence Baldeh was to intimidate him with such charges.
under the leadership Yahya Jammeh came to power through a coup in 1994.
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh says he will “cut off the head” of any homosexual caught in his country.
The arrest comes less than two weeks after Gambian president Yahya Jammeh said all gays should be beheaded.
Yahya Jammeh was born in 1965 in the village of Kamilai and joined the army in 1984.
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has reshuffled his cabinet with Mr Abdoulie Sallah, Secretary of State for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology losing his job.
Number of Tourists to Increase by 9.
Yahya Jammeh is doing for the people of this country.
President Jammeh was categorical in his condemnation of leaders he said were supporting the coup "only for their selfish gains.
President Jammeh receives Miss Gambia USA organiser - Daily.
Yahya Jammeh has always used the same method of so-called "macho-metrics" without success! Why is this man not thinking about incentives instead of punnishment? Democracy has always been known for being a discipline that shuns force.
Jammeh frown at regional leaders' recognition of Guinea coupists Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has advised the Guinean coupists to work closely with the Economic Community of West African States (ECO W AS) instead of listening to.
31/12/2008 President Jammeh commends Gambian Christians The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said no Christian was convicted of any crime by the courts of law in the country in 2008 and urge d Muslims to learn from.
Jammeh had once ruled out the treating of foreigners without the written consent of their governments, but it has not been made clear in the announcement whether these people have complied with this requirement.
Born in Kanilai in western The Gambia, Jammeh joined the army in 1984, a year after.
Jammeh is carrying out an elaborate hoax in his country, pulling the wool over his peoples’ eyes in his agenda to eventually appropriate and control every facet of life in Gambia – owning everything he can rob as he brainwashing his people into believing he’s got unlimited cosmic powers.