Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli of Georgia

Kvezereli says that the ministry plans to organize a conference which will “attain international dimensions.
Kvezereli says this presidential project will continue in the future, however “for this year the Ministry expects to build 100 enterprises in every region of Georgia.
Kvezereli said that the subsidies are already ready for the peasants who produce grapes and sell it this year.
areas of the Caucasus Mountain nation.
First Deputy Agriculture Minister Kvezereli says that regional veterinarians initially believed that other diseases were causing the pig deaths.
Investments, private and foreign, are being implemented in Georgia, especially in the agriculture field``, Bakur Kvezereli said visiting the factory.
Our fight against white butterflies will be more effective this year than it was last year as our specialists will use such modern techniques,” Agriculture Minister Kvezereli said at the presentation in Ozurgeti.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli says that the government will help promote Georgian agricultural products at international markets and adds that 850,000 GEL has been earmarked from the central budget for this purpose.
You can check out the reports from Customs Office and Statistics Department.
Agriculture Minister Bakur Kvezereli met with Kazakh guests where they discussed the two countries’ future plans.
Kvezereli said the Kazakh guests will visit almost all parts of Georgia and will end their voyage in Adjara.