Speaker of Parliament Davit Bakradze of Georgia

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David Bakradze was born in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR.
Apart from numerous high-profile government positions Bakradze has been actively involved in various educational programmes attending the Swiss International Relations Institute in Geneva, in 1997, and studying at George Marshall European Centre for Security Studies in Germany in 1998.
Bakradze has been actively involved in Georgian politics since 1997.
On April 21, 2008, Bakradze was named to lead the UNM party list in the parliamentary election scheduled on May 21, 2008.
On June 7, 2008, Bakradze was unanimously elected a chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia at that legislature's inaugural session.
Davit Bakradze said that he would not tolerate accusation of having links with criminals from a person Davit Gamkrelidze who, as Bakradze said, himself was protecting criminals and who did not vote for a law against organized crime.
On September 5, following the August 6 missile incident, Bakradze said that before the JCC session could convene, Russia had to answer several questions from the Georgian side, including some concerning the missile incident.
Bakradze is thought to become the Speaker of Parliament if the National Movement wins elections.
As soon as she made that statement, Davit Bakradze was named the first on the party list of the National Movement.
Davit Bakradze said in his remarks just before the meeting that it was challenging time for Georgia and “the primary issue is how to handle those challenges which we faced recently in terms of conflict resolution and challenges to territorial integrity of Georgia.
Davit Bakradze said that solution to the conflicts will be the main priorities in the activity of Foreign Ministry in 2008.
Bakradze said that four years ago Saakashvili campaigned under such slogans as Georgia without Shevardnadze!, Georgia without Aslan Abashidze!, Georgia without an energy supply problem!, Georgia without corruption! and Georgia without thieves-in-law! all of which, he said, the ruling party leader subsequently delivered to the people.
Correspondingly, neither the Central Electoral Commission nor any other structure can increase or decrease any candidate's personal security, given the fact that all this is regulated by the law, which places everyone in equal conditions, Bakradze said at a December 11 televised news briefing.
Today I would like to officially announce that Davit Bakradze has replaced Merab Antadze as state minister for conflict settlement.
I must say that this is a very important decision for me, as Davit Bakradze is a very important acquisition for the Georgian government.
Ruling party MP Davit Bakradze is replacing Merab Antadze as State Minister for Conflict Resolution, confirmed parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee chair Kote Gabashvili July 19.
Bakradze has connections in Europeand he is necessary for getting Europe to recognize Sanakoyev as the representative of South Ossetia, Sakvarelidze said.
Davit Bakradze said that he would not “tolerate” accusation of having links with criminals from a person – Davit Gamkrelidze – who, as Bakradze said, himself was protecting criminals and who did not vote for a law against organized crime.
Bakradze said its current empty state was a symbol of the conflict.
Bakradze has held this position since June 2008.
Bakradze was part of a seven-member delegation from Georgia that came to the convention under the auspices of the non-profit National Democratic Institute, which brought domestic politicians from around the world to Denver.
The pro-presidential ruling party leader Davit Bakradze said the UNM would win the majority of seats in the 150-member parliament.
Bakradze said the armed forces must return to the state as it was until the illegal rotation in the parliament.
The third demand according to Bakradze is the beginning of real process of conflict resumption.