Deputy Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze of Georgia

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Mr Baramidze joined Eduard Shevardnadze's Union of Citizens in 1994 and was the MP again in 1995-1999 and 1999-2003.
Giorgi Baramidze is Georgia's deputy prime minister.
Giorgi Baramidze was born in 1968, in Tbilisi.
Baramidze was one of the founders and leaders of Polytechnic Institutes student movement.
In 1992, Giorgi Baramidze was elected a Member of Parliament of Georgia, and worked as a Secretary for the Commission of Human Rights and National Minorities.
Giorgi Baramidze is one of the founders of the Citizens Union of Georgia (CUG) and Deputy Chairman of the Union.
Mr Baramidze joined Eduard ShevardnadzeEduard Shevardnadze SummaryEduard Amvrosiyevich Shevardnadze is a Georgian politician.
Giorgi Baramidze was appointed Minister of Defense in June 2004.
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Baramidze had made the suggestion at beyond the closed doors session of the Parliament on July 19.
Biden abandoned the traditional cross-table seating arrangement, instead sitting side by side with Baramidze and another of the four delegation members at the table so he could touch them for emphasis while speaking, Baramidze said last week during an interview in a stark white conference room at the Georgian embassy.
Baramidze said Biden's comforting words brought him to tears.
Georgian Defence Minister Giorgi Baramidze has denied reports that Georgia intends to buy Lockheed Martin Patriot surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems from the US.
In response, Georgia intends to improve its air-defence systems, but Baramidze has been quoted as saying that the cost of Patriot makes such procurement "unrealistic.
Like most of Georgias interim government, internal affairs minister Giorgi Baramidze is young, intense and passionate on the subject of Georgias integrity.
In his new job, Baramidze is again repudiating privilege.
Baramidze has disclosed all his outside investments, which he says support his two children.
Baramidze says he aims to terminate as much as 30 percent of the bloated police force within a year.
Baramidze is also forming a committee of more than 30 representatives from a variety of civic groups to vet officers being considered for promotions.
Baramidze is eager to appeal to Georgians patriotism and aspiration.
For all his patience, Baramidze knows that he must earn the publics trust.
Baramidze said the situation was at a 'decisive moment', calling on Europe and NATO to react to what he described as Russia's crossing of the red line.
Georgia will double its military contingent in Iraq at the next rotation in October, Defence Minister Giorgi Baramidze said Monday as he reviewed his troops.
Visiting the 157-strong contingent at a US military camp near Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, Baramidze said a battalion of 300 soldiers would be deployed in October when the current batch is due to return home.
At a press conference today, Baramidze expressed his concerns.
Baramidze is formally in charge of Georgia's peacekeeping contingent.
Baramidze was on a hastily organised trip to meet NATO and EU officials in Brussels to seek support after Russia on Wednesday announced it would boost cooperation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in trade, culture and other areas and provide "complete protection" to Russians living there.
Mr Baramidze said his government intended to continue to follow the peace plan" aimed at peacefully re-establishing sovereign control over the two territories, said Appathurai.
Baramidze had also scheduled meetings with NATO ambassadors on Friday and was also due to meet European Union officials, including EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, later in the day.
Russia's incursion into Georgia could speed up the integration of the former Soviet republic into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Georgian vice prime minister Giorgi Baramidze said Saturday.
Baramidze said Russia's military action was aimed at punishing Georgia for having a will to have a democracy and desire to enter NATO.
Despite a deteriorating relationship with Russia, Baramidze remained hopeful ahead of Wednesday's Security Council meeting.