State Minister for Refugees and Accommodation Koba Subeliani of Georgia

According to the decree of the Prime-Minister of Georgia, Koba Subeliani was appointed on the post of the Minister of Refugees and Displacement on November 2, which is incompatible with the status of the Member of Parliament.
political status of "internally displaced people" until they return to their native land.
Minister of Refugees and Settlement Koba Subeliani said that all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) will move into Tserovani and the new hamlets of Shashvebi and Aghaiani by December.
Subeliani is quick to point out that building houses doesn't negate Georgia's claim over the disputed territory, adding that all refugees will keep their political status of internally displaced people until they return to their native land.
Subeliani is originally from Abkhazia, and several of his relatives were displaced by fighting there in the early 1990s.
Koba Subeliani has viewed the living conditions of IDPs living in Metekhi village, Kaspi District.