Minister of Defense Vasil "David" Sikharulidze of Georgia

Vasil Sikharulidze was born on 30 May 1968 in Tbilisi.
David Sikharulidze is an experienced diplomat, and he worked at the Defense Ministry before his work in the United States.
Sikharulidze was deputy head of the Georgian mission to NATO in 2002.
Sikharulidze has hit the airwaves and visited high school campuses and Washington think tanks to denounce Russia and appeal for Western support.
Davit (Vasil) Sikharulidze was born on May 30, 1968 in Tbilisi.
Vasil Sikharulidze is seen at left.
The president of Atlantic Council Fred Kempe, Deputy Secretary of US Nicholas Barnes and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to America Vasil Sikharulidze took part in the conference.
Defence Minister Davit Sikharulidze met with NATO Liaison Officer Zbigniew Rybacki in the South Caucasus region.
Vasil Sikharulidze is seen at left.
Sikharulidze said an attack on Kutaisi would be a "catastrophe,"On the edge of the strategically important city of Gori, Georgian soldiers pointed their weapons at Russian forces, and explosions and small arms fire broke out in the distance.