Minister for Education and Research Annette Schavan of Germany

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Schavan was under discussion to become the Christian Democrats' candidate for Germany's presidency in 2004, but Horst Köhler was nominated and elected.
Amman  - German Minister of Education and Research Annette Schavan discussed Monday with Jordanian officials the prospects of boosting bilateral cooperation in the spheres of higher education and scientific research.
BERLIN, July 31 (UPI) -- The German government said it will increase funding for atomic research despite an agreement to phase out nuclear energy.
Germany's prosperity will be driven by innovation, spurred by collaboration between researchers and industry and a strong investment in education, German Minister for Education and Research Annette Schavan said in a speech before the Washington, D.
Beyond European collaborations, Schavan said Germany has enjoyed a long history of scientific and education collaboration, signifying that the United States "is a friend and a long-standing partner.
While she admits that there is an international competition among nations to attract the brightest young scientists to work and study within their research institutions, Schavan said that there are opportunities for the United States and Germany to work together.
High Tech Strategy and its 6 Billion Euro Program for RD.
Describing the GJU as a “central project” within the internationalisation process of the scientific sector, Schavan expressed hope that in the future the university will be able to expand its curricula to new specialisations.
Annette Schavan was born in Jchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, in 1955.
Annette Schavan is deserving of this title.
Schavan is a member of the delegation accompanying the chancellor.
Schavan said she was confident India would commit itself within a UN framework to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and would not follow the example set by the United States.
Schavan said the new centre in Delhi would have an applied focus, linking scientific and corporate laboratories in fields such as machinery construction, health care and renewable energy.
In this significant upturn in the Indo-German ST cooperation, in particular realising the ideas set out in the joint statement, Minister Schavan has played a very important role by taking a keen personal interest.
innovation, which will be strengthened by this high-tech strategy.
German Education Minister Annette Schavan is being criticized for taking a military helicopter flight costing €26,500 to travel from Stuttgart to Zurich to give a newspaper interview and hold a speech.
German Education Minister Annette Schavan has been criticized by opposition politicians after a newspaper reported that she used a government helicopter rather than taking a far cheaper ordinary flight to get to an appointment.
The report in Bild am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday sparked criticism that Schavan had wasted taxpayers' money.
Schavan is on an official visit to India during 8-9 September 2008.
Schavan said she favoured a one-time shift of the cut-off beyond Jan 1, 2002.
Annette Schavan is the German Minister for Education and Research.
Minister of Research Schavan expressed her admiration for the innovative structure of the center, "With the combination of microsystems technology and optics technology, COMEDD unifies two fields of innovation, which will be strengthened by this high-tech strategy.