Minister of Defense Franz Josef Jung of Germany

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Germany plans to provide a frigate for an EU naval task force to counter piracy off the coast of Africa, its Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung said on Wednesday.
German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung is under fire for declaring that he would order a hijacked passenger jet to be shot down if it were being used in a terror.
Jung came to politics very young; in the sixties he joined the lines of the youth organization of Christian Democrats Junge Union.
In parallel, in the seventies Jung was making great progress in his studies in the Faculty of Law of Mainz University.
Since then and to this day, for more than two decades, Franz Joseph Jung has served in the Landtag.
Jung received the post of his assistant, and a year later also acquired the post of Minister on Affairs of Federation and Europe (Minister fur Bundes-und Europaangelegenheiten) in the government of Hesse and the post of Chief of the Office of the Head of the government of this federal state (Chef der Staatskanzlei.
And although Jung had to refuse a ministerial portfolio and the post of Chief of Office of Hesse's head of the government, Koch promised that he would take care of the prompt rehabilitation of his friend and political colleague.
And in April, 2003 Jung received the post of chairman of the CDU faction in Landtag.
Despite doubtful moments in his biography, Jung is a member of the national leadership of the Christian Democrats, and also of the influential Andenpakt party club.
German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung is to embark Wednesday on a visit to the US and Canada, news reports said Tuesday.
PA: ) must clarify the status of its delayed A400M military transporter project, German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung said at a defence conference on Tuesday.
German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said tour operators that continue to send cruise ships through the Gulf of Aden despite the piracy raging there are risking the lives of their passengers.
Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said Friday that the 3,200 German troops already in Afghanistan fulfilled Germany's mandate, and that he felt the country was doing enough to support the NATO mission.
Jung said he would not move or increase the number of German troops, who are currently based in the north.
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Minister Jung came to visit Holloman to see the German Air Force Flying Training Center.
The German Minister of Defence Dr Franz Josef Jung is delivering a speech on the occasion of the change of command 1 German-Netherlands Corps at the inner court of Castle Nordkirchen/ Germany.
BERLIN, Nov 20 (UPI) -- As the European Union prepares an anti-piracy mission in Somali waters, an absurd debate is being waged among Germany's politicians as to what German military vessels can and cannot do when encountering pirates.
Jung said that although the reunified Germany wanted to play a bigger role in Europe, it would not neglect its obligations as a member of NATO.
Jung said it was crucial to involve Russia in discussions as the United States is doing now and was optimistic an agreement with Russia could be reached.
Asked about estimates of when Iran could possess a nuclear weapon, Jung said Tehran had a long way to go, if getting an atom bomb truly was its goal.
Jung said it was possible to stop Iran through diplomacy.
Jung said the threat from deadly weapons was all too real.
BERLIN, Germany (CNN) -- Two German soldiers are not allowed to report for duty because of their suspected association with pictures of troops in Afghanistan playing with a skull, Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said Friday.
On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the earlier photos shocking and disgusting, and Jung said those involved would be dealt with harshly.
Jung is also set to meet with Finnish parliament speaker Sauli Niinisto and Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, who also chairs the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
Germany's minister of defense, Franz Josef Jung, says he "judges very very skeptically" the Mecca agreement between Hamas and Fatah in regards to its attitude toward Israel.
Defense Minister Jung praised his naval forces' work controlling the seas off Lebanon.
BERLIN - German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said during a special interview with Ynet Wednesday, “We are under the impression that Israel is willing to enter negotiations on the future of the Shebaa Farms.
Jung said Germany has sent customs agents and police officers to Beirut’s airport to prevent the transfer of arms.
The force’s mandate will officially end in a year’s time, but Jung said this period will almost certainly be extended.
Franz Josef Jung was born on 5 March 1949 in Erbach in the Rhinegau region of Germany.
Franz Josef Jung was a member of the Rhinegau-Taunus District Council from 1972 to 1987.
Franz Josef Jung was elected to the parliament of the federal state of Hesse in 1983 where he was Parliamentary Secretary of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) parliamentary group from 1987 to 1999.
On 22 November 2005, Franz Josef Jung was appointed Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Germany's Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung has sparked fury by saying he would order a hijacked passenger jet to be shot down if necessary -- even though the country's highest court ruled last year that such a move would be illegal.
Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung is courting controversy with his latest comments.
German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung is under fire for declaring that he would order a hijacked passenger jet to be shot down if it were being used in a terror attack, despite last year's Constitutional Court ruling that it would be illegal.
Franz Josef Jung was in the capital a day after visiting German troops in the northern town of Kunduz, where one was killed and three wounded in an attack claimed by the insurgent Taliban movement last week.
BRUSSELS) - Europe and Washington should work to ease Moscow's concerns over US plans for a missile defence system, German Defence Minister Franz-Josef Jung said Thursday.
Although Jung has voiced support for the US scheme, it is not a view that is universally backed within the German cabinet.
Germany's military has suspended two soldiers from duty in connection with photos of service members posing with skulls in Afghanistan, Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said Friday.
Jung said that three other soldiers were under investigation in connection with more photos published by the RTL television channel and reportedly taken in 2004.
The military's top training official was being sent to Afghanistan to review the motivation and discipline of the German soldiers there, Jung said at a press conference.
According to a statement released by German Embassy in Ankara, Jung is planned to be in Ankara this evening and start his meetings on Tuesday.
Jung is scheduled to meet Turkish Foreign Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul and Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul.