Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Heide Marie Wieczorek-zeul of Germany

English: Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul is a German politician.
Wieczorek-Zeul is a prominent figure of the Social Democrats' left wing and is often called "Red Heidi.
In July 2006, Charlotte Knobloch, head of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland (Central Council of Jews in Germany), demanded her resignation after Wieczorek-Zeul had called Israeli use of cluster bombs "totally unacceptable under international law.
Known as "red Heidi" because of her hair color and political convictions, Wieczorek-Zeul is part of the SPD's left wing.
Wieczorek-Zeul was instrumental in getting EU countries to agree to raise development aid to 0.
In an exclusive interview with WIC, Minister Heide Marie Wieczorek-Zeul said her country will put the issue high on the agenda of the G-8 summit to be held in June at Heligendam so that the rich nations would work strongly towards bringing about sustainable development in Africa.