President Horst Koehler of Germany

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BERLIN, Jan 6 (Xinhua) -- Germany is to hold the general election on September 27 this year, German President Horst Koehler said here on Tuesday.
It seems highly unlikely that German President Horst Koehler was trying to explain to Aaron Hoppe where to find his nose on Wednesday, July 2, but judging by the face of Koehlers wife, Eva Luise, they must.
Nov 21 - Speaking at a banking congress in Frankfurt, German President and former IMF President Horst Koehler said profits caused banks to turn a blind eye or knowingly ignore risks.
Abu Dhabi, Dec 15th, 2008 : German President Horst Koehler has honoured UAE Deputy Prime Minister HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In the southern city of Lagos, Koehler said that his visit had helped him to the realization that the country had a great deal of strength in moving forwards.
Illegal trade in oil, timber or diamonds had to be classed as criminal and prosecuted, Koehler said at the close of the fourth Africa Forum in the Nigerian capital Abuja.
His spokesman, Martin Kothe, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that Koehler had passed the treaty after close study.
A member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), Koehler was managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) before becoming German president.
STUTTGART, Germany, Nov 24 (UPI) -- Germany will release on parole a far-left terrorist after 26 years in prison.
Horst Koehler was born in Skierbiesz´┐Żw, Poland on February 22, 1943.
Prior to taking up his position at the IMF, Koehler was the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a post to which he was appointed in September 1998.
Koehler said Sunday he will encourage Germans to become more self-reliant and his country to become a land of ideas.
Koehler has been praised as a leader who can make sure that Germany does not fall behind in an age of globalization, and a man with a strong international background, both professionally and personally.
Koehler was born Feb 22, 1943, in the Nazi-occupied eastern Polish town of Skierbieszow.
was born in Poland, from where they fled to Germany.
who comes from an Eastern German refugee family.
Germany is to hold the general election on September 27 this year, German President Horst Koehler said here on Tuesday.
Mr Koehler was the only one of his seven siblings who went to university.
Mr Koehler has been described by some as a "tough pragmatist.
Though he helped former Chancellor Helmut Kohl negotiate German reunification in 1990, Koehler was largely unknown to the general public before his nomination.
On Sunday, Koehler said Germans must not rest on past achievements, including the reputation of the made in Germany label.
Born during World War II in Nazi-occupied Poland, Koehler has pledged to bring sensitivity to his personal history to bear on his new job.
One of eight children, Koehler is the only one who went to university.
important economic and financial decisions.
Born in Skierbieszow (Poland), Horst Koehler is married and has two children.