Ambassador to the US Klaus Scharioth of Germany

Klaus Scharioth was appointed Head of the Office of Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel in 1998.
Scharioth was born in Essen, located in the Ruhr Area in western Germany.
Scharioth says Germany will use the opportunity to address the stalled EU Constitution and the cumbersome process of enlargement, although he cautioned that progress on the thorny issue of Turkeys membership is many yearsif not decadesaway (see December 2006 cover of The Washington Diplomat.
Despite a minor clash between two Israeli warplanes and a German naval vessel in late October, Scharioth says the historical operation has so far gone relatively smoothly.
Scharioth was Director of the Private Office to the NATO Secretary General in Brussels, Belgium, from 1993 to 1996.
Scharioth was appointed Head of the Office of Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel.
On Friday, December 5th, Scharioth attended a breakfast hosted by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.
Klaus Scharioth is Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States.
German Ambassador to the US Klaus Scharioth is "absolutely sure" that President-Elect Obama will prioritize "climate change and energy" in his administration.
Ambassador Scharioth is one of The Fletcher Schools most illustrious alums with an exemplary career with the German Foreign Service and in his current diplomatic role he serves as the Ambassador of Germany to the United States.
we share common values and interests,” Ambassador Scharioth said in his written address to President Bush.
Scharioth said that more transparency is needed, recalling his sense of shock upon hearing that bankers simply didn't know the size of their own losses.
Scharioth was encouraged by the constructive dialogue that was begun at the global economic summit recently held in Washington.
Scharioth was named ambassador to the United States by Chancellor Angela Merkel in March 2006 after 30 years in the Foreign Service.
During his career, Scharioth has served as state secretary of the Federal Foreign Office, head of the Political Directorate-General and head of the Office of the Foreign Minister among other positions.
Before the fundraiser, Scharioth had met presidential hopefuls John McCain, a senator from Arizona, and Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor both Republicans as well as Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, a senator from New York, and John Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina, Schulz said.
Those meetings occurred during congressional delegation and chancellery trips, Schulz said, adding that Scharioth is looking forward to meeting former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican.
Scharioth was invited to the Obama fundraiser by Frank Loy, according to Schulz, who said Loy assured Scharioth he could refrain from contributing, would be considered neutral and that nobody (would) misunderstand it.
If Scharioth had endorsed Obama over Edwards or Democrats over Republicans, that would be a serious breach of his role and it would probably hurt the party that he was plugging, Loy said.
diplomat, and Jackson Janes, executive director of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University, said Scharioth was just doing his job.
Wolfe was a political science professor at the College of Idaho from 1946 to 1970, and Scharioth took five classes from him.
Scharioth has continued to support CofI over the years.
Scharioth and Wolfe met when Scharioth was a student at the C of I.
I think it is no coincidence that the first video message after his election given by the president-elect was on climate change and energy, Scharioth said in an Associated Press interview ahead of an event promoting the German initiative, called The Transatlantic Climate Bridge.
German Ambassador Klaus Scharioth was in Charleston Thursday as part of a two-day visit to West Virginia, his first since his appointment as ambassador to the United States in 2006.
Scharioth said Thursday he had been in West Virginia once before, in 1968, and said he was impressed with the improvements since then.
Scharioth said he believes prospects are good for increased German investment in West Virginia.
Today, Scharioth is scheduled to tour businesses in the Bridgeport area, with an emphasis on the areas growing aerospace industries, she said.
Scharioth joined the German Foreign Service in 1976 serving at the German Embassy in Quito, Ecuador before serving as Chef de Cabinet for three Nato Secretary Generals in Brussels.