Minister for Environment and Nuclear Safety Sigmar Gabriel of Germany

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German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel says the EUs position on climate change is under threat.
German state bank KfW is raising the upper limit on credit it makes available for small and medium-sized renewable energy projects, Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Monday.
BERLIN, Sept 2 (Reuters) - German Environmental Minister Sigmar Gabriel said in an interview with Reuters he was in favour of a single national high-voltage power grid in Germany and supports a bundling of the four privately owned networks.
English: Sigmar Gabriel is a former Minister-President of Lower Saxony (1999-2003.
According to regional daily the Maerkische Allgemeine, Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel has also written to Research Minister Annette Schavan, saying the experiment "destroys Germany's credibility and its.
more German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change Background: Adaptation to Climate Change Climate Protection / Europe Gabriel: Europe remains leader in climate protection Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel has welcomed the agreement reached by the European heads of state and government on the EU climate package.
Ignoring the climate risk would be more expensive than the financial crisis - and the consequences would be irreversible, Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said at the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan.
Regarding the opening of the UN office responsible for carrying out the study, Minister Gabriel expressed his delight that the Federal Environment Ministry had succeeded in attracting an internationally renowned initiative to the UN city of Bonn.
Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel had a great 2007 as the poster child of Germany's far-reaching efforts to control climate change.
After weeks of bickering within the center-left Social Democrats, to which he belongs, Gabriel took to the media stage to call for a return to SPD values.
German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel has a nose for publicity, but he also has a knack for blunders.
Even as Gabriel was penning his missive for SPIEGEL, a significant policy disaster was developing unnoticed right under his nose.
For months, Gabriel has been beating the biofuels drum and insisting that in 2009, gasoline in Germany would include 10 percent bio-ethanol.
Even today, many argue that the "political career of Sigmar Gabriel is unimaginable without Gerhard Schröder," as the influential weekly Die Zeit wrote last year.
By 1999, the year after Schröder vacated his position as Lower Saxony governor to move into the chancellery, the 40-year-old Gabriel had moved up the party ranks enough to become the youngest state governor Germany had ever seen.
By the time 2003 rolled around, Gabriel had been voted out of office, his wife had left him and he was in the hospital for a herniated disc.
Gabriel has since been unable to escape the aftershocks of that burst bubble -- a reputation for having more style than substance.
By last year, Gabriel was in a prime position to reap the benefits of being the poster child for Germany's efforts to save the world from climate change.
Gabriel says and what he does when it comes to climate protection.
In contrast to his implosion five years ago, Gabriel is this time in a position to fight back.
All the while, Gabriel has continued his efforts to establish himself as an SPD visionary.
Mr Gabriel is furious that the flights are being held against him.
saying that it missed the point as long as 1.
In part, Mr Gabriel has been influenced by his political constituency.
BERLIN, Oct 29 (UPI) -- German officials say offshore wind power is of key importance to the country's energy supply.
17 December 2008 - German state bank KfW is raising the upper limit on credit it makes available for small and medium-sized renewable energy projects, Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel has announced.
German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel is hosting this year's meeting of the G8 environment ministers.
Achim Steineris the Executive Director of the UN Environment Program, Ahmed Djoghlaf is the Executive Secretary of the CBD, and Sigmar Gabriel is Germany’s Environment Minister.
Older cars would not be affected by the new exemption, which Gabriel said the cabinet planned to approve next Wednesday and roll out on January 1.
Gabriel said Berlin aimed to eventually introduce a sliding scale for the automobile tax pegged to the amount of carbon emissions, which are blamed for driving global warming.
Gabriel said finance minister Steinbrueck would negotiate with the states about how to compensate for the tax shortfall that would come with the exemption.
IZMIR - EU and Turkey should have a common future, German Minister of Environment and Nuclear Safety Sigmar Gabriel has indicated.
Stating that there was no reason for Turkey not to join the EU, Gabriel said that however Turkey should fulfill several political criteria.
Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Friday that Germany would scrap plans to develop auto biofuels because they were not appropriate for millions of vehicles.
Gabriel had warned the project would be abandoned if more than one million vehicles could not use the fuel.
Germany plans to boost the percentage of electricity generated by renewable resources to 45 percent by 2030 in a bid to curb global warming, environment minister Sigmar Gabriel said Thursday.
Gabriel said Germany had prevented 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being spewed into the atmosphere last year thanks to renewable energy sources, adding that there were now 214,000 jobs in fields such as wind and solar power.
BERLIN -- Nations must act to slow extinction rates, German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Thursday, arguing the loss of species threatened food supplies for billions of people.
Sigmar Gabriel says the 27 ministers have given in-principle support to a proposed unilateral cut in EU emissions of 20 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020.
Mr Gabriel says the ministers will back a goal of cutting emissions by 30 per cent if other industrialised countries join in.
Mr Gabriel says a burden-sharing agreement will be reached in which some states have to cut emissions more than others.
In a statement released today, Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel described Mr.
Bonn, Germany - The UN biodiversity conference meeting in Bonn has achieved a breakthrough on access and benefit sharing ahead, with the aim of ending "biopiracy" within two years, German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Thursday.
08Germany Steps Back From E10German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said today he had stopped government.
German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said today he had stopped government plans to raise compulsory ethanol blending levels in on-road petroleum from E5 to E10, citing concerns about possible damage to older cars.
Gabriel said more than 3 million cars were not ready for the new fuel and could be forced to switch to more expensive unblended gasoline grades.