Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Thomas Matussek of Germany

Thomas Matussek is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Germany.
Matussek is taking his campaign to British schools.
Matussek was a Judge’s Assistant, as well as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Bonn.
Matussek is married with three children.
Herr Matussek said that while low interest rates had fuelled a spending boom in Britain and the US, cutting the cost of borrowing had failed to have the same effect in Germany.
Herr Matussek described the measures, known as Agenda 2010, as the farthest-reaching reform project since the war.
But Herr Matussek said Germanys generous social security system has always proved a huge drain on resources.
For reasons of his own, Matussek has some sort of beef with the Grauniad, a subset of the prevailing obsession.
Matussek has the Feuilletonists vices in spades - staged intellectual brutality, farting pomposity, a slightly loose way with facts - but also the good features, spanning erudition, superior-quality snark and sharp writing.
If only Matussek knew how much British grown-up 68ers used to envy German patriotism.
I think Matussek is nuts and does not represent public opinion.
Matussek is one of the few remaining dinosaurs, I believe.
Frau Matussek is presented with a gift from Johannes von Stumm who expressed his appreciation to Frau Matussek and the Ambassador for the opportunity to present his work in the Residence.
British people are obsessed with the war.
Thomas Matussek says children are not taught about modern Germany and its democracy and that the approach fuels xenophobia.
Matussek said Germany should have a seat on the UN.
So Mr Matussek has certainly got a point.
to independence, which Matussek said is the EU's preference.
adding that even a compromise would have to bring real change.
Until we understand that Mr Matussek is right, we will not know ourselves as we should.
The European Union reissued calls for the unconditional cessation of violence and terror by Palestinian groups against Israel, German Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Matussek said Tuesday in a speech to the Security Council.
Matussek said the large majority on the council wanted reform, adding that even a compromise would have to bring real change.
Matussek was speaking on behalf of the European Union, whose nations have failed to live up to such a responsibility.
ThomasMatussekAfter a spell as judge’s assistant/assistant Lecturer at the University of Bonn, Thomas Matussek joined the German Foreign Office in Bonn in 1975.
We have to put our finger on the actions which we really criticize, calibrate the sanctions against proliferation- relevant materials and activities, against the persons who are involved in that, and against financial transactions that are directly linked to that," German Ambassador Thomas Matussek said in an interview.
As an example of a way to gain Russian support, Matussek said the resolution may exempt the Bushehr nuclear power plant that Russia has helped Iran to construct.
At the G-8 summit in the resort town of Heiligendamm in northern Germany, Matussek said German Chancellor Angela Merkel was holding separate meetings with US.
administration of Kosovo in 120 days and have the European Union take over the provinces supervised transition to independence which Matussek said is the EUs preference.
Kosovo Albanians have indicated they will declare independence if the resolution is vetoed, and Matussek was asked whether this meant the choice for the Security Council was between independence with supervision or without supervision.
German Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Matussek said Tuesday in a speech to the Security Council.
Speaking on behalf of the EU, Matussek said the Europeans were determined to be involved in the peace process.