Minister for Family, Seniors, Women, and Youth Ursula Von der leyen of Germany

Von der Leyen has also initiated a programme to triple the number of places at day care centres by 2013, drawing protest from ultra-conservatives.
But now Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen has had enough.
Von der Leyen was born in Brussels to Heidi Adele and Ernst Albrecht where her father worked at the Council of the European Union.
Von der Leyen joined the CDU in 1990.
In France it is only nine per cent!' With seven children and two degrees herself, von der Leyen is the perfect example of a woman who can combine work and child care.
Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen has pushed through laws to encourage more professionals to have kids.
German Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen has ruffled quite a few feathers with her plans for radical changes in family policy aimed at reversing the country's dismally low birth rate.
A mother of seven, von der Leyen knows firsthand how tricky juggling work and children can be.
BERLIN, Jan 24 German Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen is leading a national movement to make the country's prostitution laws more stringent.
Von der Leyen said the amount of child pornography on the web was spiralling out of control.
A mother of seven, Von der Leyen said that the Federal Crime Office has compiled a list of some 1,000 sites posting images of children being sexually abused and that it was up to Web firms to pull the plug immediately.
RABENMUTTER, INDEED Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen says Germany needs more career women who have children.
von der Leyen has taken it on herself to challenge some deeply held, if only whispered, prejudices in German society, chief among them that women must choose either to work or to raise children.
von der Leyen is Germany's latest incarnation of the Rabenmutter — a driven creature determined to impose her own superhuman lifestyle on women who can neither deal with it nor afford it.
von der Leyen says she now wants to combine the flexible child care of France with the financial incentives of Sweden.
German Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen is responsible for combating right-wing extremism.
This is something that von der Leyen is also trying to address.
I found it hurtful," von der Leyen said in an interview with German public television last week.
I think we all realize that the answers and lifestyles from yesterday can't offer the right solutions for the future," von der Leyen said in the TV interview.