Minister of State for Justice Ambrose Dery of Ghana

This is because it does not matter how thick your lenses are, the facts speak for themselves that Ambrose Dery has a pedigree in his legal practice that is outstanding and unquestionable.
If Malam Issah had such feelings about his defense team, he would have at least petitioned the parliamentary vetting committee when Ambrose Dery was being vetted.
Dery has an excellent reputation for devising out-of-court-settlements, which leave his clients on the losing side or in jail”? Come on!!! Mr.
Are you telling US that Water Aid, Action Aid and IFAD could not get a better lawyer in Ghana other than Ambrose Dery if he was actually not performing? Plus, I don’t think that Ambrose Dery was one of the longest sitting presidents of the Upper East branch of the GBA because he leaves his clients “on the loosing side or in jail.
In fact, Ambrose Dery was appointed after this Tsatsu brouhaha when the A-G Department was in turmoil.
Dery was a prominent part, failed Ghanaians” comes nowhere near the truth.
Ambrose Dery was not a part of the Tsatsu debacle.
My main question, however, is: does deep association with the PNC, or for that mater, a political party make one a member of that party? In other words, does association with a party without being a REGISTERED AND CARD BEARING MEMBER, translate into membership of that party? If yes, then Ambrose Dery was an original member of the PNC.
And since Ambrose Dery has never been a card bearing member of the PNC, it will be erroneous to refer to him as an original member of the party.
In his entire adult life, Ambrose Dery has held membership and has been a card bearing member of only one political party.
Ambrose Dery is indeed a viable candidate for Nana Akuffo Addo’s running-mate; and (3) Whether Mr.
Dery is virtually an unknown entity country-wide, which is the more reason why we must examine Mr.
Dery was originally a PNC man, retroactively therefore of the PNP-CPP tradition.
Dery is unqualified both as a party and national patriot for the position of Vice President.
Dery has a right to ASPIRE to that office.
Dery has an excellent reputation for devising out-of-court-settlements, which leave his clients on the losing side or in jail.
Dery was a prominent part, failed Ghanaians.
Dery has thus become accustomed to getting what he wants without merit.
Dery was initially sacked as Regional Minister, then his dismissal was commuted to his current unspecified ministerial position.
Dery has not been part of any significant number of government delegations in any meaningful capacity.
Pul that Ambrose Dery is the ONLY PERSON with keys to the NPP’s election fortunes in the North in 2008 must be hyperbolic otherwise the evidence point to the contrary.
Dery is remarkable in his choice of minions, ensuring that they are in no position to compete against him.
Dery is the best the North has to offer as a running-mate to the NPP.
Dery is the best the North has to offer as vice presidential material, Mr.
Upper West Regional Minister Ambrose Dery has called on sports administrators to ensure that the negative customary practices that rated girls below boys were not carried into sports.
Mr Dery said this when he opened a six-day course on various technical aspects of football, organized by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) as part of its Four-year Business and Development programme.
Dery was reacting to critics accusing him of sabotaging development projects when he was the Upper West Regional Minister in an interview with GNA in Accra.
Dery said "It is unacceptable and unfair for people who have selfish motives rather than the development of the country to hide behind faceless organizations to deceive and confuse the public with unfounded allegations which only end up creating political polarization, hatred and retrogression in the country.
Dery said the group accused him of sabotaging the initiation of development projects in the region and failing to accept political opponents.
Dery said since the New Patriotic Party took over the reigns of government, the Upper West Region had had its fair share of the national cake.
Dery said the RCC would not only work closely with traditional rulers and land owners to assist investors to acquire land but has tasked district assemblies in the region to acquire land banks, which may freely be given out to strategic investors to reduce the burden of land acquisition and documentation.
Dery said there were enormous tourism potentials in the region namely the slave defence wall at Gwollu, the Slave market at Kassana, Dabili and Bu, Ferguson memorial tomb, the mystery footprint of Bayong at Ullo and the slave holocaust site at Duoie and urged the Ministry of Tourism and Diasporan Relations to collaborate with the RCC to uncover more historical facts that make the region the hub of the slave route activities.
His Eminence Peter Cardinal Dery has called for closer partnership between the Church and the State in the shared vision of promoting development through education.
President Kufuor said Cardinal Dery was an example not only to the countrys youth, but the clergy, politicians, traditional rulers and all others in leadership positions.
Dery said the first week of November this year would be used for a special child survival program that would make sure all children under five years old in the region are immunized against measles and polio and given vitamin "A" supplements without any financial cost to parents.
Dery said the region's goal of reducing the child mortality rate from 208 deaths per 1,000 live births to 104 per 1000 must be achieved by the end of next year and therefore called on parents and all stakeholders to collaborate for that ambition to be realized.
Mr Dery said under phase one of the IFAD funded Upper West Agricultural Development Project, 19 dams were rehabilitated in the region and expressed the hope that the project would be renewed to cater for more communities.
Mr Dery said this at Fielmua in the Sissala West District during their annual Kukru Bagr festival that is celebrated to thank God for good harvest and to further pray for subsequent good yields.
Mr Dery said a number of road contracts awarded by the government in the region since it came to power were still lagging far behind while some of the contractors had abandoned the contracts.
THE Upper West Regional Minister, Ambrose Dery has commended Plan Ghana, a non-governmental organization operating in the region for initiating programmes and projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the under privileged and rural deprived.
Dery said the RCC would not only work closely wi.
Mr Dery expressed the gratitude of the people of the region to UNICEF for funding the exercise.
Like six of the eight ministers before him, Dery was himself a beneficiary of CRS’ school feeding programs as a child.
Dery said if DCEs made themselves approachable, they could together with the people fashion out policies and programmes to address high illiteracy, poverty and diseases that are endemic at the rural community level.
Addressing the participants, the out-going Upper West Regional Minister, Mr Ambrose Dery said DISCAP had contributed significantly to the local Government decentralisation system and helped to build the capacities of personnel of the assemblies and environmental health units through training, the provision of equipment and transport to perform their core businesses.
Mr Dery said through the efforts of the project, gender mainstreaming into the district planning coordination, monitoring and evaluation system had become a reality, as districts in the project area had established gender desk officers for more effective management of the district assemblies.
THE Upper West Regional Co-ordinating Council is to assist potential investors in the tourism industry in land acquisition for their projects, the Regional Minister, Ambrose Dery has stated.