Minister of Health Courage Quashigah of Ghana

Quashigah is one of the few people who have attained such an all round status.
The Minister of Health, Major Courage Quashigah has urged health service workers to partner their counterparts in other sectors of the economy to render quality service.
Major Quashigah was addressing delegates of the Health Service Workers’ Union of the Ghana Trades Union Congress at their 9th Quadrennial National Conference, in Kumasi.
Quashigah said that there are overwhelming disparities in access to medicines, adding that some current treatments for diseases in developing countries might soon become irrelevant because of the widespread drug resistance.
Major Quashigah was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport, after attending the Third Ordinary Meeting of African Union Health Ministers in South Africa from April 9-13.
Major Quashigah said the solutions and strategies adopted were to be shared among member countries in order to come up with effective solutions in health care delivery for the continent.
Major Quashigah was accompanied by Professor Fred T.
We should not be afraid to be innovative and use methods and interventions that will benefit our country,” Major Quashigah said In addition to a general shortage of health workers, the disproportionate concentration of health workers in urban areas remains a serious concern.
retd) Quashigah expressed these concerns, at the inauguration of the "Asasepa' Regenerative Health and Nutrition Programme (RHNP) Centre/ RHNP Review and Planning Meeting, in Cape Coast, under the theme " sustaining RHNP in Ghana: the way forward.
Courage Quashigah is increasingly emerging as one of the people thinking through Ghana’s culture in terms of its prosperity.
For a while, Quashigah has not only been provoking Ghanaians to discuss certain aspects of their culture that hinders prosperity but also spoken about the need to raise the good parts for policy-making; integrate traditional medicine into the healthcare; and eat healthy traditional foods.
Major Quashigah said one of the major problems associated with irrigated farms is that of energy cost, since one needs power to pump the water for the farms.
Major Quashigah said by adopting healthy eating habits, ensuring greater cleanliness, exercising regularly and generally abstaining from dangerous lifestyles such as alcoholism and smoking, the nation would create wealth through health in response to the President’s vision of moving Ghana into a middle income status of $1,000 per capita by 2015.
Major Quashigah expressed satisfaction that these initiatives had resulted in the reduction of the incidence of guinea worm in the 2007-2008-transmission period in the Northern Region.
Major Quashigah said the trend had continued into this year and as at June a total of 414 cases were reported compared with 3,021, representing 86.
Major Quashigah said only 19 guinea worm cases had been reported outside the Northern Region and that most of the people with the disease came from the Region.
Major Quashigah expressed the hope that a grant from the Millennium Development Authority to support the Tamale Water Expansion Project to guinea worm endemic areas would assist in consolidating and accelerating guinea worm eradication initiatives.
The costs associated with malaria treatment are having crippling effects on Ghana's health budget, Health Minister Courage Quashigah said last week during a health summit in the capital, Accra, Afrol News reports.
Major Quashigah said ??the project at Dambai was being executed in phases and construction work was in progress to provide staff accommodation.
Major Quashigah said in the long - term, the Dambai Health Centre would be upgraded to a polyclinic to provide better health care.
Napoa, Jerusalem, Akrokowa, Abrewankor and Kpogede Azizakope? ?in the Krachi East District, Major Quashigah said due to funding constraints it was not feasible to provide the communities ?with health ?centres.
in the 90s Major Courage Quashigah was arrested for a coup attempt and he was in the BNI cells, other coup plotters had been tried and executed but for best reasons known to him, Major Quashigah was kept in BNI cells, I was approached by one of Quashigahs conspirators that I needed to write a coup speech.
If Major Courage Quashigah is to yield to the call of AFYG, it would most definitely create much excitement and cost his party many crucial votes.
Quashigah has brilliant military academic background, apart from military training at Britains prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy, had had distinguished studies in Ghana, United States and Canada, with strings of esteemed awards.
Quashigah has had long and illustrious career in various fields in Ghana and Lebanon.
Quashigah has been involved in civilian and military governments: apart from being Minister of Health, he had earlier being Minister of Agriculture under incumbent President John Kufours government, and Chief Operations Officer for the Jerry Rawlings military regime Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC.
Quashigah is famous nationally as a courageous and brave man - virtually saving Head of State, Jerry Rawlings, from being overthrown, armed with remarkable dexterity.
Quashigah is tackling, among other emerging thinkers, one of the most pressing challenges facing Ghana how to skillfully appropriate the suppressed Ghanaian values and traditions in its development process so that they can be opened decisively for progress.
Quashigah has sensed this Japanese trend in Ghana and has cautioned professional caterers against the use of unwholesome foodstuffs and ingredients as a way of cutting down cost and making enormous profits for themselves.
No doubt, Quashigah has advised caterers, more trained in Western schools than Ghanaian schools, to consider the introduction of indigenous healthy Ghanaian dishes, not only for its higher nutritional values, but as a source of medicine, as the Chinese will tell you, against the Western ones, most of which lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems.
Maj Quashigah said this when he launched the new membership card for the Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association in Accra.
Maj Quashigah said the ministry had initiated programmes that would ensure the safety of traditional medicine products and practices and to encourage sector-wide approach to regulating, controlling and guiding the practice to make it widely acceptable and accessible to majority of Ghanaians.