Minister of Fisheries Gladys Asmah of Ghana

When the Takoradi MP finally came to settle in Ghana, she registered a factory as a partnership and later in 1975 incorporated it as a limited liability Company As an advocate of women emancipation, Mrs Asmah supported the Tarkwa women Generating income (TWIGA) to secure financial assistance to manufacture palm oil.
Mrs Asmah is associated with several business and public organisations; she is the Chairperson, Management Board, Takoradi Women Training Institute; Board Member, Ahantaman Rural Bank-, second Vice-president, Association of Ghana Industries; and Chairman, Regional Implementation Committee, Women in Development.
Speaking to the Ghana News Agency(GNA)in an interview in Accra on Monday to through more light on the Partys running mate , Mr Kwakye said Mrs Asmah has credible and capability, which gives her the opportunity to play central role in the upcoming electioneering campaign.
He further stated that when Mrs Asmah was the Minister for Women and Childrens Affairs more than 70 percent of Ghanaian women had their fair share of the national cake in the areas of business and trade, which improved social life of the women.
The Minister for Fisheries, Gladys Asmah has observed that the expansion of Christianity in the world had not done enough to curb moral decadence, armed conflicts, corruption, robbery, drug trafficking and other social vices.
Asmah is matured enough to advise and assist Nana with the Presidency.
Asmah said “Though I will not be contesting the parliamentary election, as the party's candidate, I will want to bring my experience in nationwide organisation of women's support gained prior to the 2000 elections and throughout my tenure as the Minister for Women and Children's Affairs to bear on the upcoming national electioneering campaign.
Gladys Asmah has since 1984, served on several boards.
Gladys Asmah has launched a blistering attack on two Presidential hopefuls in the run-up to the December elections, Professor John Evans Atta Mills of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Dr.
Gladys Asmah is not on talking terms with Okyere Darko, the candidate-elect, and the Constituency Chairman of the party, Abdul Mumin.
Asmah was trying to sabotage the campaign of her successor to be.
According to Adjei-Baako, he could not understand why Gladys Asmah was sabotaging Okyere Darko’s campaign, with her supporters threatening to vote “skirt and blouse.
Gladys Asmah denied that there were divisions within the constituency, thus parrying this reporter’s question, as to how the constituency was going to solve the problem of deep-rooted cracks and division within the party.
Asmah is now the Chairperson of the Regional Camping Monitoring Team of the party.
Asmah was appointed by President John Agyekum Kufuor to head another newly created ministry, the Ministry of Fisheries.
Asmah has been a board member of various organizations including a Vice President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI.
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Mrs Asmah said a management authority would be set up to manage all the facilities.
Mrs Asmah said these here last Wednesday when the ministry rewarded chief fishermen of Axim-Apewosika, Nana Kofi Dzewoba and Nana Kweku Yedu of Half Assini for the contribution towards the control of the use of unorthodox means for fishing.
Mrs Asmah said that the outboard motor work-and-pay scheme instituted by the ministry in 2005, which ensured the distribution of 600 outboard motors to groups throughout the country, will continue.
Wednesday, August 29, 2007 Ministry to provide refrigeration at fish landing sites GHANA - Government has committed seven million euros from funds allocated from the Second Spanish Protocol towards the construction of six cold stores and refrigeration facilities at some fishing sites, Minister of Fisheries, Mrs Gladys Asmah has sai.
Mrs Asmah said some of the objectives were embodied in poverty eradication programmes to achieve in the Millennium Development Goals.
She said that Mrs Asmah is the most experienced female politician in the country and therefore has all the qualities that could make her a President of Ghana.
Madam Wilson said Mrs Asmah has been one of the most trusted and reliable members of the NPP and as such should be selected as the running mate ahead of the December general elections.
Mrs Asmah said this at press conference in Accra in reaction to statements that government was not concerned about the plight of fishermen and that the industry was on the verge of collapse.
Mrs Asmah said a seven-million euros Spanish grant would help reduce post-harvest losses to enable the fishermen to sell their fish at competitive prices.
Asmah was speaking in Accra at a Meet-the-Press Series.
Minister of Fisheries Gladys Asmah has denied accusations that the government of Ghana is permitting illegal pair trawling activities.
Asmah said the sector had rather taken many measures to reduce foreign influence and participation in the fishing industry.
Asmah said the Ministry was also relying on the good sense of the people in the fishing communities and fishermen generally to solve the problem of pair trawling.
Mrs Asmah was reacting to a question by Mr Lee Ocran, NDC Jomoro on what arrangements the Ministry had put in place to enable fishermen to procure inputs at reasonable prices.
On what plans she had put in place to solve the problem of illegal use of "light" for fishing by canoe fishermen along the coast, Mrs Asmah said "Section 88 (1) of the Fisheries Act 625 of 2002 does permit the use of explosive, poison or other noxious substance for the purpose of killing, stunning, disabling or catching fish, or in any way rendering fish more easily caught.
Mrs Asmah said the Ministry intended to undertake a technical study to ascertain the rate of utilisation of the site and the number of canoes at work as well as the volume of trade.
On the aqua culture project, Mrs Asmah said about 800,000 Ghana cedis had so far been spent including the training of about 400 farmers from Kumasi Metropolitan Area and more farmers would be provided with the necessary training to begin their own projects.
in decision-making and industry and commerce could no longer be downplayed.
treated it as a hobby instead of a business and lacked technical expertise.
Mrs Asmah said the Ministry since its establishment in January 2005 had initiated programmes to revamp the industry to stimulate economic activities in fishing communities through the sale of outboard motors on hire purchase, micro credit facilities, training and alternative livelihood programmes.
Mrs Asmah said the projects would be financed by the Spanish Government.
Mrs Asmah said the facilities are to assist in the preservation of fish for the lean season and to help stabilize the price of fish.
He said although Mrs Asmah was not contesting the Parliamentary election, her successor would continue with the project.
Asmah said further that the Ministry has, therefore, liaised with the Regional Maritime Academy to fashion out oceans for fishermen to build their capacities and pointed out that Ghana is the fourth largest tuna producing country in the world but fishermen lacked the technology for taming and farming the abundant natural resources.