Minister of Aviation Gloria Akuffo of Ghana

Akuffo said those churning out the allegations have either not read the partys constitution in detail or simply want to play mischief.
In this case, if Gloria Akuffo is to enjoy her status, she might only have a two-month stint.
Gloria Akuffo has meanwhile denied the claim that she was an elitist who could not bring herself down to the level of the people.
Gloria Akuffo is the minister for Aviation.
Akuffo said Lufthansa refused to co-operate with the Ghanaian government after persistent request for the airline to fulfill part of its agreement.
Akuffo said there is an agreement for Lufthansa to pay some of the money it owes.
Gloria Akuffo was declared the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the December 2004 general election for the area.
Akuffo is an avid sports woman and a Rotarian.
Ms Akuffo said twenty distinguished speakers would discuss six strategic sub-sessions including airlines, airports and infrastructure, finance and acquisition, human capital development, policy and regulation, and safety and security.
Aviation Minister, Honorable Gloria Akuffo has described as unfortunate and mischievous a statement from Lufthansa Airlines saying they have cancelled all flights to Ghana.
Speaking to Citi fm, Aviation Minister, Gloria Akuffo says negotiations are still on-going and government has no intention of turning its back on Lufthansa.
Honorable Gloria Akuffo said the airline cannot use this mechanism to serve as a threat to the Aviation Ministry to cow in to their demands.
Ghanaian Aviation Minister Gloria Akuffo said Lufthansa could still fly to the country.
Ms Akuffo said as part of Ghana's investment policy, she had accepted cross border investments and therefore moved from substantial ownership by Ghanaians and allowed majority foreign investments in business.
Ms Akuffo said the European Union (EU) Community Designation Clause which allowed other EU carriers to benefit from air services agreements by EU member states was being considered by the African Union (AU) through the African Aviation Commission.
The New National Democrat has observed in the last few days that Ghanas High Commissioner-designate to Republic of Ireland, Ms Gloria Akuffo is still in town since her appointment by President J.
Ms Akuffo said in view of the good relationship that had existed between Ghana and Germany, the Ministry and therefore Government were nonetheless determined to pursue a successful resolution of all the issues arising out of this matter provided Lufthansa was willing to reciprocate the gesture in the larger interest of the two countries.
Giving the background to the case, Ms Akuffo said for over three years now Lufthansa had been operating seven flights per week into Ghana.
Akuffo said the request of the Chief of Staff to Lufthansa prevailing on them for a speedy resolution of the matter went unheeded.
Akuffo said Lufthansa's response to this last letter was "to bait the Minister and a team with an offer of an all-expenses paid trip to Germany ostensibly to resolve the matter' but they turned it down.
Ms Akuffo said before the end of the June 30 deadline, the parties met in Germany and succeeded in substantially concluding an agreement in which the OL agreed to accept the sum of US $1,200,000 in total and final settlement of the original claim of over US $ 4,000,000.
Ms Akuffo said a number of issues, however, arose out of the draft terms of agreement that was submitted by Lufthansa.
Ms Akuffo said before the OL could make a response to the draft terms of agreement, Lufthansa demanded that the agreement should be signed in the draft form without any amendment whatsoever, a position which was rejected by the OL.
The Aviation Minister, Gloria Akuffo said encroachment of land is a major challenge facing several government establishments and institutions and blamed the situation partly on the country’s land tenure system.
Ms Akuffo said this when she toured facilities of the Aviation Social Centre in Accra.
Miss Akuffo was reviewing the facilities put in place at the airport for the Ghana 2008 in Tamale on Monday and also to see the progress of work on other facilities such as the Presidential lounge, the administration and fire service section.
Gloria Akuffo said the severance award payments to former employees of the Ghana Airways were categorized into two groups.
During a meeting with heads of the various departments of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Ms Akuffo said although she was impressed by what she had seen during her tour, the Aviation industry was still faced with challenges that could not be ignored.
Akuffo said Ghana intended to re-establish direct air transportation links between the two countries, as well as increase safe and secure intra-Africa air transportation links.