Minister of Justice Joe Ghartey of Ghana

As I have said before, many supporters of the current administration like to look back to Ghana’s sordid past and brag about the bad they have not done to Ghana.
Attorney General Ghartey is the chief professional law enforcement officer in Ghana.
Mr Ghartey is suspected to have some problems with his colleague MP from neighbouring Sekondi, Papa Owusu Ankoma, stemming from the days prior to the December Presidential race, when Hon Joe Ghartey was the bridgehead for Mr.
Yes, for a long time, Joe Ghartey was on the payroll of Akufo-Addo.
From the way Joe Ghartey has been spewing lots of thrash in recent times, Nana Biakoye is getting very convinced that when Joe Ghartey was cutting his teeth as a lawyer in Akufo-Addo’s chambers, he must have cut his teeth in smoking wee as well.
No normal human being, with his mental faculties intact, will be speaking the way Joe Ghartey has been speaking.
This same Joe Ghartey character, was in Switzerland recently and said that there has been no single act of corruption during the misrule of Kufuor and his gang of, nation wreckers, coffers looters, and vampire elite.
So Joe Ghartey is also member of the Ganja Society of Ghana? No wonder he talks the way he does.
Ghartey has been visiting them at regular intervals to interact with them on various issues.
He also rejected claims that, Joe Ghartey was using money to influence the delegates who were not happy with the sudden turn of events.
But sensing danger about his sinking popularity, Hon Joe Ghartey has managed to lift himself up from the shocker of the defeat of the entire team which led the Alan effort, with Obeng, the constituency secretary, acting as bridgehead to the western region.
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joe Ghartey has reiterated the call on lawyers to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law to promote peace and stability in the country.
Mr Ghartey described Mr Duodu as an honest, hardworking, unassuming but firm person full of integrity and urged the staff to give him maximum support to serve the country.
Touching more on the bill, Mr Ghartey said organised crime had reached alarming proportions in recent times and it was therefore, important to establish a specialised agency with wide powers to curb the spate of criminal activities which were eating into the social and moral fibre of the country.
Ghartey was going for the primary unopposed.
Joe Ghartey denied having in his ministry’s possession a docket of two officials of the Department of Urban Roads in Kumasi who had embezzled withholding tax deductions totaling ¢ 4.
Ghartey said at Thursday's sitting of the Public Accounts Committee in Accra.
Mr Ghartey said this during house to house visits on Thursday, to express his appreciation to the people for re-electing him to represent Essikadu-Ketan.
Mr Ghartey was accompanied by some party executives in the constituency, include Mr Samuel Allotey and Mr Jerry Johnson, both polling station Chairmen among others.
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr Joe Ghartey has said benchmarks have been set for the passage of the Right to Information Bill but not sure when it will be passed.
Speaking on Joy FM’s current affairs programme, Front Page, Mr Ghartey said the passage of the Bill is likely to delay but assured that his outfit is doing all it could to hasten the processes leading to implementation.
Government is set to develop an anti-corruption policy for the private sector, Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Joe Ghartey has announced.
Mr Joe Ghartey, Attorney General and Minister of Justice and New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament re-elected for Essikadu-Ketan Constituency has expressed appreciation to the electorate for retaining him.
Ghartey is also due to address a gathering at MacArthur Foundation under the theme: “President’s Roundtable.
The Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Joe Ghartey has made it clear that the 1992 Constitution of Ghana is based on rule of law and not on rule of man; therefore every individual in this country is equal before the law.
Mr Ghartey said he would assist in ensuring that delays in prosecuting cases and issues surrounding missing dockets were minimised.
Ghartey said as a result of the Remand Review Project, a component of the Justice For All Project, it had become obvious that some warrants of remand prisoners had expired.
Breaking News Earliest Ghana nationalists almost forgotten in 50th anniversarySource: The Statesman (Accra, Ghana) (3-22-07)Last Friday, at a hotel, thousands of miles away in Bloomsbury, London, Ghana's Minister of Justice, Joe Ghartey said something that perhaps only a classroom of Ghanaians knew.
Ghartey said that the IP Development Plan was timely as Ghana was at the dawn of its economic take-off.